254 Turning point point/strategy spreadsheet- feel free to use


A while ago my team brainstormed some ideas on this spreadsheet. It includes some notes on possible designs, as well as a scoring calculator and more. If you need something to help you get started, or if you find use for this spreadsheet, feel free to use for your own team, granted you obey the info on the first sheet. Also, feel free to give feedback, improvement tips, and other useful information on the doc if you want.

If you have any questions, just comment on the spreadsheet (but please don’t spam it.)


spreadsheet here


Nice work on the spreadsheet! My team hasn’t even begun brainstorming, so this will be a great help!


@andyherbert254 your spreadsheet lists the amount that can be scored of center parked and alliance parked robots to only be one, while there is nothing that I know of preventing multiple robots to be parked on either the center or alliance platform. I have left comments on the spreadsheet as well.

I didn’t think you could double park on one platform, but I just quickly checked thru the rules and it didn’t say anything about that. I’m probably going to ask about that for official ruling… Unless there’s already an official answer to such

You can double park on both alliance platform and on centre platform… as long as you manage to squeeze both robots on it.

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