254C NBN Reveal

254C Presents CANON.
The Poofs are here.

How much can your lift lift? Good luck at worlds

Dang I’ve never really seen a robot with 100% Accuracy in their videos! Your robot must be REALLY good in competition.

The POOFS are coming! Heh! lol. Nice touch.

@Mystical Pie it depends on the weight distribution of the robot, but usually around 15-20 lb

@1815Delta Maybe we just chose the clips that had 100% accuracy :slight_smile:

@MartinMaVEXForever We decided to add it in last minute at the airport. You can see some of the airport signs in the background actually.

Very nice robot, esspecialy love the lift, and ending, UH! (⌐■_■)

Unhun. Having the spare time and effort to edit reveal videos right before world champ. Always the sign of a strong and well rounded team. Well of course.