254D Worlds Reveal

Here’s the product of the last month spent scrambling to finish a robot for Worlds. (That’s why there are axles sticking out everywhere and other sketchy things, which we’ll be fixing on Wednesday.)

254D: (Joe)

Drive Base:
6 wheels, front and back omnis, middle VEXplorer
One length of chain powering all 3 wheels on each side
4x 393
Geared 2.5:1 for speed

Basic 6-bar
4x 269
Geared 7:1 for torque
~17.5" vertically between top and bottom pivots when arm is lowered (~55 degree angle)
Elastic support provided by rubber bands

New Zealand-style horizontal rollers (254B has all the tank flaps, could you tell?)
2x 269
Direct drive rollers (to be geared up)
Can hold 4 objects side-by-side or 5 objects sideways
Very smooth sanded polycarbonate ramp

Pneumatics are to be added (the plan is to have drop-down arms on either side for blocking).

Can score on Interaction 30" goal and other Isolation 20" goal from Isolation Zone with ease.
Can drive over objects.
Has autonomous designed for Isolation Zone (I don’t really want to give out details, but you can guess).
And all the usual fast intake/outtake that you get with New Zealand intake styles.

And here’s a picture (I’ll be taking better ones tomorrow as this one was taken in a hurry):



This one’s kinda blurry (taken with my phone):



Do you have any aluminum on that bot? or is it all steel?

Nice work :wink:

It’s all aluminum except the intake c-channels which we had to cut to the right length. We’re going to replace the steel with aluminum now that we know it’ll work.

Does your chassis stay pretty sturdy?
Will you be adding an extension to maybe hold more game objects?
What is your high in the skills challenges?

Looks like a great bot.

254 is always impressing me :wink:

Good luck at Worlds!

Our chassis actually does stay sturdy, thanks to the square channel you see on the back.

We won’t be adding an extension, but (as 254B said in their thread, few teams actually intake and hold more than 4 objects at a time in a match) it probably won’t be an issue.

However, we do have a few surprises in mind :wink:

Our previous robot had 21 in programming and 28 in robot, but we probably won’t be trying for those this year at Worlds.

I officially approve of your robot name :))

That was actually the name of our object-sensing ultrasonic sensor on the previous iteration of the robot, but we decided Joe needed to live on in the next robot in spirit (he probably won’t be making an appearance, but we may stick him on as a mascot).