254E Worlds Reveal

Hey everyone.

Better late than never, here’s the official unveiling of Team 254E’s World Championships robot, Loki (aka Blockade)!

Loki’s role is strategic support and zone control. It is intended to supplement high-scoring robots, such as side rollers, with defensive capabilities and above-average scoring ability of its own. Here are some technical specs:

Optimal object capacity: 5 (3 in the intake + 2 in the aft defensive holder)
Drive base: 4 393 motors, geared for torque, chained 2 to 1 for speed
Lift: 2 stage elevator with 4 269 motors, chained 3 to 1 for speed (yes, it actually has enough power to lift)
Intake: Conveyor belt design powered by 2 motors chained 2 to 1 for speed (Funny story: we used to use 2 269’s on the intake, but then one broke and we had no spares, so now we have 1 269 and 1 old 3-wire motor).
Maximum lift height: Slightly under 45 inches from the back of the intake
Pneumatics: 1 double-acting piston using 1 tank

In terms of design, Loki is a mostly average robot design. However, we do have one secret “trick” that we can pull off quite reliably. :wink:

Now for the pictures (sorry for low quality, they were taken from my phone):

From another angle:

We will see you all at Anaheim on the Science field!


Looks kind of like 1200Fs bot from nationals. How fast does it lift to the 30 inch goal.

It generally takes between 1 and 2 seconds to raise to the 30 inch height.