2560 raven robotics pre-worlds season video

Team 2560, 2560E and 2560N have put together a video of their season as a whole that can be seen here https://vimeo.com/92058196. hope you enjoy!

**NOTE:**The video is not a worlds reveal. changes have been made to all robots. its simply a fun video of our team as a whole. its way longer than it should be. the video should end at 4:50ish…

Enjoy :smiley:

Bad link. Video does not open

I have been able to open it with internet explorer, Firefox and chrome so I don’t think that it’s the link.

Seems to work just fine for me (using IE or Chrome). I liked the piece-by-piece pictures of the build.

2560 has great robots! We played with their E team at provincial qualifiers and they were great. They will probably be a strong team at Worlds, and watch out for their auto and programming skills…

Works fine for me. Try searching for the video title on google and see if it works:
VEX Team 2560, 2560E and 2560N

i love it ! good luck, hope to see you guys in action @ WORLDS !

guessing it was edited in song vegas from the looks of the timecode :cool:

p.s. RECF shared this video via facebook earlier :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice robot. I really liked the big ball intake.

Ps. This is the best and coolest vex video I have seen. Great job. Keep it up.

My bad. The video is working now.

I loved it. I’m feeling nostalgic just by watching it.

The link was actually bad to begin with so I apologize for this. it has since been fixed. thank you all for the kind words. unfortunately this video was V1.0 of the video and the credits did not reflect the credit for each student correctly. id like to say a huge thank you to Anthony Chanthalyma for shooting the majority of the footage and Monika Danh for her amazing video editing talents. I can sadly only take credits for the exit animation and credits :wink:

See you all at worlds!

thanks! which robot’s intake are you refering to? top roller? 4 motor seperate intake side roller? or “spatula bot” :slight_smile:

The 4 motor intake. I wonder if you could gear them up to run off of one motor? Are these bots going to world’s?

Yes! we attempted to redesign the “spatula-bot” but due to some troubles, we were unable to complete the rebuild. the 4 motor intake will now be driven by our experience and most sucessful team, 2560E. 2560N, the top roller, will make its competition debut under the 2560 name. both teams will be looking to make a name for themselves at worlds, coming off a great season littered with awards, high skills scores, and consistent runs in elimination rounds!


Sadly my team 1115A won’t be there but feel free to come check out 1115C!

Yea, Jarred is being lame. 1115C is good though :wink:

I really like your robots. They are pretty cool. Good luck at Worlds.

thanks everyone! we appreciate your kind words! we always aim to be as orginal as possible which is likely why we were nominated for all but 1 award at provincials. We will be arrriving mid afternoon at worlds on wednesday and look forward to meeting you all! I plan on starting a thread tomorrow when divisions are announced where teams can post contact info such as facebook, skype, or other info that teams can reach out to, to discuss information on bots in their divison. See you all in a few days and good luck!

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