26 Ironwave Pre-Worlds Reveal

During the 2014-2015 Skyrise season team number 26 has enjoyed much success in the north Texas region, winning 4 out of 7 tournaments we attended this year. As such we have decided to bring our robot to the forum in this complete reveal of the Ironwave robot.

The specifications of our robot are as follows:

  Four motor mecanum [drive](https://vexforum.com/gallery/files/3/9/5/9/0/8/drive1.jpg") train with the internal gearing set for high torque, and an external speed ratio of 12:15.
  Six motor four stage [scissor lift]("https://vexforum.com/gallery/files/3/9/5/9/0/8/arm1.jpg") with high torque internal gearing, and 7:1 external torque gearing.

  One double action pneumatic [Skyrise arm]("https://vexforum.com/gallery/files/3/9/5/9/0/8/sarm1.jpg") for scoring while the drive train is stationary. The skyrise arm is also equipped with one double acting pneumatic [claw]("https://vexforum.com/gallery/files/3/9/5/9/0/8/claw1.jpg").

 One single action pneumatic semi-passive [needle intake]("https://vexforum.com/gallery/files/3/9/5/9/0/8/needle1.jpg") with a two cube capacity.

 Other features not mentioned above are the [anit-tipping mechanisms]("https://vexforum.com/gallery/files/3/9/5/9/0/8/tip1.jpg"), LED [underglow]("https://vexforum.com/gallery/files/3/9/5/9/0/8/glow1.jpg"), 20 pt skyrise autonomous with a 90% success rate, and a 5 pt cube autonomous with a 50% success rate (greater programs are in the making). 

 Some of our accomplishments during the 7 tournaments we attended in the Skyrise season include, 5X tournament champion, 2X tournament finalists, 4X excellence award, 1X sportsmanship award, 1X amaze award, 1X semi finalist, 46 pt robot skills, 35 pt programming skills, 101 pt match, and a 178 pt combined match score.

 A more complete summary can be found on YouTube [here]("https://youtu.be/sx9oQCcx98I), we hope you enjoy this reveal.

Do you have a picture of it in the starting position with the arm folded in?

We decided that hinges would be lighter weight than the ever popular expanding slide out arm. Anyway here is a picture.

How did you make the under lighting? How did you power it?

We plugged a vex two wire cable into a digital port on the cortex, and then connected the free ends of the cable to the positive and negative terminals that the batteries would have been connected to.

Do you remember which lights you used?

Where did you find the LED’s? I will look forward to meeting you and hopefully competing against you at the 2015 US National Championship!

Unfortunately we will not be attending the US National Championship, however we hope that there is some good competition at the World Championship.

We found them on amazon here.To power them we simply attached a 2 write cable to a digital port and then wired the other end into the two terminals that the batteries would have been connected to.

That stinks. I will make sure to talk to you at Worlds then :wink:

Thanks for the info!

Any time:)

Great robot! Looking forward to seeing you guys at world’s :stuck_out_tongue: Do you guys do any sort of lift stabilization through programming?

Yes! the majority of our scissor lifts stability is derived from programming, we use PID, and a original program that actively regulates motor speed to keep the arm from tipping from side to side.

We have just finished a 24 point skyrise autonomous, so as soon as I can find a video of it I will post that.

How did you have 5 tournament champions 2 tournament finalists and 1 semifinalist in 7 Tournaments?

If you wouldn’t mind me asking, how does your PID/original program work? I haven’t been able to figure out how to do it for our our RD4B yet and most of the things I tried have failed :frowning:

I’m sorry that was a bad memory on my part, it is supposed to be 4 tournament champions, I should remember to double check myself next time:D

I’m not the programmer, so I can’t answer that question very well, however I do know that when the arm is raising or lowering our custom program is running, and when we quit pressing the button to raise the arm it will incorporate PID to level the arm, and minimize strain on the motors. This is done by setting the target value of the PID on both sides of the scissor lift to the IME reading of one side of the arm, and then it will automatically correct any difference in the height of the arm from side to side. It is also worn while to nor that the IME sensors will eventually accumulate a large difference between their values from side to side, so whenever the arm is down we have it calibrate itself back to zero via touch sensors. Hope this helps, and we look forward to seeing your team at worlds:cool:

Thanks! That cleared up a lot of the doubts and issues I was having :smiley:

Glad I could help, and we will see you at world.:wink:

could you post a picture of what you did with the end that plugs into the battery holder? I’m curious as to the specifics

Wow, can’t believe this thread is up again:o. I am going to post the pictures on the NBN reveal thread, we did the same thing for “ELEVATED 1.0”.