2616J reveal

I am a freshman for team 2616 J and we had made a fairly successful defensive robot, winning games not so much. This was the only true defensive robot in the state, and it made it to the quarter finals in states.
This defensive robot capped the two stashes, and had a motorized cap to move up and down to allow our team to stash, it was a very sturdy robot, that still required a lot of tightening. It had an H- drive that didn’t drive straight all the time, but we pulled it off. It had 1 wheel to move forward and 4 wheels to go side to side. Our auton scored seven points, 5 were gained by using a flappy thing or dongle or whatever you call it to knock one big ball off the bar and the it would take the bot to the middle of the two stashes and launch stopping any auton that stashes, but it didn’t always launch then. This was launched by elastic on one layer of linear slides and more on another, it was locked with standoff on the cap and base of the slides. Rather than telling you a whole lot I will answer any questions and here are some pictures but no good videos of it in a match I will record it in action some time next week [ATTACH]8125[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8126[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8127[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8128[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8129[/ATTACH][ATTACH]8130[/ATTACH] it can only fit six photos sorry.

Sorry, you pics don’t work. So we can’t see your robot.

[ATTACH]8131[/ATTACH] the pictures didn’t post before

[ATTACH]8132[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8133[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]8134[/ATTACH] these are some more sorry about that

Looks like a cool innovative robot!:slight_smile:

Looks like you got a wallbot in progress there, maybe add some more weight and make it block the stash a bit better! :wink:

Actually it is only classified as a defense bot, so not too much damage was allowed

That would absolutely be classified as a wallbot. You have expanded beyond the 18" box in order to obstruct the playing field (in this case the goals).

Well we got lucky then because the administrator said it wasn’t.

I would’ve destroyed that arm regardless :smiley:

Probably, but we did have bars come out that defended that, but no robot ever tested them…

Haha, ya gotta do what ya gotta do. xD

I Really like your idea, and paired with a good auton you could really be a force to be reconed with. But do you do anything after you block both bins?

Me too, in an instant with no second thought. I could also have won an argument with the judge as

You would certainly be considered a wall bot

I would say, pin you against one goal from the side to allow my partner to stash, ant then just push you the other way to score the other goal.

I love your design, and would love the challenge of playing against it, but i would expect extreme scrutiny, especially if you attend worlds.

I totally agree, and we saw little to no scrutiny, so I have no idea how all of the combat would work out, and the first generation had its arm pop out of the part that holds it in place, but with lots of locknuts and two bars that came down as we planted, it was very hard to push us or pin us, also because we were heavy, I’m not saying all robots are lighter, but we did also have part of our caps go inside the stashes so that May have been possible, but we were never really contested,except for top tier teams in my state

Sadly, some of our issues were we couldn’t get over the bump, but we had a seven point auton, which is ok, and once we extended we could not retract therefore stuck either capping or pushing.

On the topic of wallbots
Is it just me in that whenever I go against a wallbot I have this urge to drive right through the thing and break it and then say we were “trying to get through, the judges have to err on the offensive side!”

maybe i’m delusional

That is absolutely, 100% legal and expected. The only thing you are NOT allowed to do is pull wires off of the robot. That’s it. Go ahead and rip the arms off. Pin it into the wall. Dent the ever-living crap out of it. They have to build the robot to withstand everything you can throw at it.

EDIT: Any good wallbots in Maryland? I didn’t expect many this year, with how open the field is.

One of our teams (1727D) is creating a wallbot. It works very well, runs very well, and positions very well, but I’m pretty convinced that in this game the idea of a wallbot is very ineffective as it renders your team to a 1v2 against another competitive alliance. Most of the time it’d be 1 6-bar + wallbot vs 2 6-bars. The wallbot and the 6-bar would have to coordinate VERY well in order to pull it off, because technically the team without a wallbot could get one of their robots to play hardcore defense, leaving the offensive alliance with one robot to freely roam.

Those are just my thoughts. Still, if you can pull it off, it’s very impressive.

Also besides our school’s wallbot I doubt there are any others attending the maryland state championships.