2625 Tech-Know Commandos Robot Reveal

This was our last robot design, which won us three tournaments, an excellence award and a judges award, and also put up 206 points in driver skills. We have taken apart this robot to make our new one, which is all ready for competition in January.

6 motor mecanum drive (four on front wheels, two on back wheels)
2 motor chain lift (reached high goal, carried about 8-10 sacks)
2 motor chainsaw intake


Great robot! Can’t wait to see your new one at QCC in Jan. Congrats on finally qualifiying for worlds you guys definitely deserve it! :smiley:

It was great competing with/against you. Can’t wait to see what you bring to QCC in January! :smiley:

Thanks guys, I think you’ll like what we have to offer for January. I believe we’ll be pretty competitive, the new design is much more efficient. Now we just have to figure out who to pick for our alliance :stuck_out_tongue:

Looks quite a lot like our bot :wink:

Great looking bot guys! Congrats on your qualification!

Good luck at New Englands! If 4886a decides to come it should be pretty good :wink:

You’ll also be seeing a very different 40B at regonals and I think you will like what it is! :wink: Hahaha and we put up some pretty high scores when we allianced together in Maine with our old robots. :stuck_out_tongue: In any case I can’t wait for this competition it is going to be competitive.

It looks great.

Did you have any problems using four motors on the front wheels and two in the back wheels on the mecanums? I was kinda thinking of doing that, but I was curious to know from someone who have done it.

No the six motor mecanum drive worked fine, adding motors won’t affect the speed of the wheels, unless you changed the gear ratio, so you should be fine

Nice wheel guards on the robot in the back right of picture 6, did jake make them? he’s pretty good at that.

You have a standoff with a white spacer put perpendicular on it. How did you do that?

There’s a collar with a screw through it on there. The set screw is one of the longer ones that are usually used to couple standoffs together. I’ve attached a good picture of the piece you’re talking about.

No, he wasn’t around much for this design. I’m not sure about who made it.

very nice, i especially like the way you cut the poly-carbonate (lexan) for the intake :smiley: