2647 Change Up Reveal

A big shoutout to all the AZ teams we competed with this year! It was kind of a short season, but it was really fun playing against you guys at states and local tourneys!

If you have any questions about the robots or anything else i’d be glad to answer them below!


Y’all were really fun to play against all year. Can’t wait to face off again next season!


Cool robots. One question: Does the back I take work while driving throughout the field or does the robot need to ram the ball up against the field perimeter to “intake” the ball.

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Those are poopers, not back intakes.

That’s where you’re wrong, kiddo.

I know of at least one instance of 2647X using that as a back intake. It was actually a very cool move.

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The robot needs to ram against the perimeter to intake the ball. We don’t use it much in match, but we do use it to save some time in our skills runs.


Cool! That’s what I thought

Much respect for Kakai Kitan. Nice Robots!

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