2647 Tipping Point Post States Reveal

Skills: prog-315 driver-303 combined-618

If you have any questions about the robot or anything else I’d be glad to answer them below!


One of the smoothest and coolest designs I’ve seen all season; I could easily see you all making it to dome at worlds.


Good luck at worlds, y’all represent Arizona well


respectfully, I hope we are in different divisions, incredibly clean robot


opens snipping tool


Very nice robot, excited to see how it does at worlds.

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Bro how. That is literally the robot I am building but it can get high rings too. In shambles rn

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“Driver is sad” why not put the programming skills run on a button? Driver hits on button, sets remote down, 315. Then he gets two runs to try to top it.


I just wanted to have an exciting “it all comes down to this” 3rd match of finals at state and you had to ruin it by sweeping the first two matches, so inconsiderate. /S

Very impressive robot, good luck at worlds


That high branch mech is absolutely nutty


This robot is one of the most impressive ones I’ve seen all season, you guys are gonna do very well at worlds.


Does your lift steal two drive motors when it needs to run? Is there something locking it in place when those motors are on the drive?

Are your gears intentionally beveled for easier meshing and un-meshing or is that just wear and tear?

Yes, our code will switch the shifting motors from drive to lift when the lift needs to run. The lift locks to the 36t gear circled.
Our gears are intentionally beveled, shifting without beveled gears doesn’t really work too well.

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I am having a hard time seeing it, how are they beveled? Or what do you mean beveled?

We attached the gear to a drill, and ground it at an angle against a file. When I said a beveled gear, I was referring to the fact that the edge of the gear is no longer a single 90 degree angle, it has been ground down at a 45 degree angle.

I think you might have confused it with a bevel gear?

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Not to get off topic, but ~gets off topic~ I know VEX IQ just launched Hybrid gears, which is sort of what you made. I wonder how well those shift in and out.

I’ll have to play with these later.

I didn’t get it confused with those bevel gears but your saying you shaved the flat part of the teeth off so they aren’t flat, right? Almost like this

Yeah, exactly like that


2 quick questions about your program,

  1. what do you use for auton?(pure pursuit, PID, etc.)
  2. what program / language do you use?

Any chance we can get a robot explanation video after worlds? I’d love to see how you pulled off some of the pretty complex mechanisms I see.