2654P Pronounce This Early Season Reveal

This is our early season spin up reveal. Hope you like it.

Feel free to ask any questions here


How did you decide on the music? It fits so well and is a truly inspirational composition.

On a more serious note: do you plan on strengthening the turret? It looks a bit flimsy and could be prone to breaking

Nice sideways intake, looks nice


We have been getting a lot of questions about our turret and how flimsy it looks in the video. This revision of the turret was made to be a lot lighter than our last ones which resulted in a flimsier assembly, which is sub optimal, but very manageable. But yeah we are planning to rebuild the turret assembly again to make it sturdier and reduce slop.

Edit: here is a picture of our slop reducing mechanism


Do you have any advice or any tips on how to or when making the turret?

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(from my teammate): My biggest advice would probably be don’t overthink it. I know this is pretty vague but despite there being a lot of things that you can tweak most of them don’t have too big of an impact. From my experience building the past 2 1/2 turrets, and now designing the third one, I have found that the three most important things are funnels to make sure that the disc can enter the turret from all directions. Dis will determine the whole consistency of your turret. The second thing would be making sure that it is fairly well balanced, meaning the weight in front and behind of the turntable or whatever system you’re using to rotate it should be relatively close in weight. The third thing would be make sure that with a turntable or whatever system you decide to use there isn’t too much slop in it is that can cause a 5 to 10° inaccuracy issue when aiming.

When you begin making the fly wheel I would suggest playing around with compression and different types of flywheels a lot and also make sure that screws to hold down the Polycarbonate base are limited. When we were testing we found that extremely rigid fly wheels worked best for accuracy and we used mesh to give compression.


And probably don’t use an angle adjuster…


Ok, thanks


Looks like your disk mag isnt centered on the bearing. Is it able to load from all angles or just forwars position?

We have some additions for our turrets that allow it to load discs from almost any angle by adjusting the angle of polycarbonate.


I’m sorry, I’m usually good at calling it polycarbonate, but I forgot while writing the message. I’ll fix the original message.