269 intake

Think we could use a 269 motor on our roller intake to save a little weight and help with balance?


It’s possible.

I saw a very successful team at nationals (US open) using just a servo, so a 269 could work as well.

How do you use a servo?

Not sure how you mean that.

If what you mean is “How do you control a servo with the Cortex?,” you plug it in to a motor port and send a value to it. -127 is one end of the absolute position range and 127 is the other; choose the values that correlate to the positions you want anywhere in the 100 degree range of the servo’s rotation.

If what you mean is “How do you use a servo on an intake?,” you attach the servo to a claw in any convenient way, since the servo accepts the standard axle. This can either be with an improvised bell crank made of a vex lock bar, or more normally with a 12 tooth pinion and suitable gear train.

If what you mean is “How can you use a generic servo in competition?,” you can’t. You have to use the VEX servo, part number 276-2162. If it’s not in competition, however, you can use a standard servo for whatever you want.

You can either use servo commands in RobotC, or just set the motor port to the value correlating to the desired position.

Oh, this thread was concerning the use of motors on rollers, which let me to believe that someone use it on a roller. I know what a servo is and how to use them, that is basic stuff.

Wonderfully pedantic XD

I thought that was likely, but I’ve run in to a lot of people that don’t know it. So I answered all the variations I could think of. Didn’t think of your very obvious question.

[edited to add explanation] I don’t mean the answer is obvious, so you shouldn’t ask, I mean I should have thought of what you were really asking.

One of our middle school teams built a roller intake that works just fine using an old 3 wire motor that predates the 269 motor. It was from a very old kit back when Vex was part of FIRST. It is a very small motor but it works fine. They had problems, but not with that.

We used one on our old robot for rollers. It was good for weight reduction, but it rolled too slow so we now use a 393

I never thought about speed. Thanks for the input everyone.

It acted as a release for a one way hinge on a lexan intake. Imagine a ‘passive intake’ like you’ve seen on the forums that also had an active release mechanism.

OHHH that thing, I remember seeing that somewhere.

Idk if he uses a servo or a motor for it, but @[TVA]Connor had an intake like that in his video where he got DQ’d at US open

My middle school team used a small (6 point) sprocket at the intake to a 12 point sprocket at the motor and it was plenty fast.

yeah if we had geared it up it would be fine but we avoided gears/sprockets for gearing up, because weight reduction. It was good, 4-bar was super light and fast, but I just wanted faster rollers

@Easton yea, our high school team has their roller intake geared the same way as the middle school but are using a 393 motor. 200 RPMs seems to be what they wanted.

Yes he does have a servo. A couple of my teams, 590G in particular, used servos on their horizontal claws a points throughout the year. if the mechanism is engineered right, servos are great options.