269 Motor Quality

Have any of you ever had any problems with 269 motors? We have been through 3 different motors on our manipulator. Most of them lock in one direction and then they just stop working. Is the quality of the motors going down?

i think motors generally deteriorate with age, we have had problems in the past, but nothing major … never really had a motor lock and not work … how old are the problem motors ?

we have had this issue on and off for about a year now, not so much recently. but this issue has been observed with motor fresh out of the box. and has occurred both during powered operation and when non powering. we have not found the reason why they act in this manner.

Do you think 393 motors are any better quality?

since working with 393, we have noticed the difference in quality … but i have never heard new motors not working out the box, i suggest trying them on a sample program, and in different ports to eliminate the programming, if there is no joy and they were purchased in the last 60 days, contact vex …

hope this helps !

My team (and I think many other teams) have come to conclude that 393 motors far surpass 269 motors in terms of quality. We thought that 269’s would at least be an upgrade from the 3-wire motors of Clean Sweep, but I believe 269 motors were actually largely the cause of last year’s breaker issues.

At the beginning of the Sack Attack season, when we heard about the 10, 393 motor allowance, we thought nobody would be able to use all 393 motors without tripping breakers. In our own testing, then, we were astonished to find zero breaker problems when we ran all 393 motors ourselves.

I would highly suggest using 393 motors over 269 motors, and possibly even 3-wires if you still have them in stock.

I know that we were having issue with the 269’s stopping and coming back on. Found out that the Vex Cortex has 2 circuit breakers (4 amps on both breakers). 1st breaker is for motor ports 1-5 and 2nd breaker is for 6-10. If you split the wire config of your robots left and right sides (not the default 4-tank operator control lt 2,4 and rt 3,5) it will draw less current and the breakers won’t trip. Also the thermal breakers will trip if you don’t split the load. 393 have about 60% more torque than the 269’s (faster than the 393’s) and are for high strengths applications.
This should give you longer life in your 269’s and save you some money!

I have never had any trouble with my 269’s, even when in a high torque situation. 393’s seem to give me the most trouble. I go through them quick. Once, I put on a brand new 393 onto my drive to replace a broken 393 and went to a match. The 393 jammed, and would not move the ENTIRE match!! It was at worlds, and we were teamed up with a good team that might have picked us (maybe) if our robot’s drive hadn’t messed up. I felt like I was one of those teams that say their robot was AMAZING and then when they go to play, the robot stinks. It was too bad. Maybe it was my fault, but idk.


We have been having problems lately with all the newer motors. At our last day of league play in the semi finals one of the 269s decided to completely freeze. This was on one side of our drive train which then acted as a fantastic brake. Talk about the worse timing possible. Of course since the motor was in a permanent stall it would cause our cortex to trip the internal breakers. Needless to say going in circles when the breaker wasn’t tripped wasn’t very helpful to our alliance either.

We had a similar problem with a new 269 on our first mainland Vex tournament. That time it was on our pick up tool. We didn’t have a spare and had to take apart our strafing system for its motor. We managed to recover and get selected during alliances only to lose in the finals. This was due to not having the strafing ability messing up everything from autonomous to just driving around! Not having the strafing ability really hurt! Though we managed to fight back in the finals only to lose the third match. Tis was due to our alliance partner tipping over and not a motor failure. But having to deal with the loss of the strafe and scrabling to fix the tool sure didnt help.

I have not been impressed with the motor quality as of late. I have lots of the old 3 wires motor and none have yet to fail. I have had 269s fail at the worse time with less than 3 hours of use. In fact I just received 4 - 393 motors from Vex with 2 DOA. I hand turned them and they make a horrible clicking noise. Never have had power applied, just broken out of the packaging! I wanted to upgrade our entire drive to 393 prior to our last league day but the 2 DOA motor spoiled that idea. There wasn’t enough time due to shipping to get them replaced before our last day of league matches. Of course that is when the 269 froze (mechanically, not able to turn by hand at all) and we lost the semis. =(

I hope that this will get resolved soon as we need some new motors prior to worlds. Though some of the trust is gone and we have are now testing the robot prior to each match before heading up to the queue area. Still no guarantee but it might of caught the frozen 269.

We have also been experiencing problems with brand new 393 motors. We are a new team, and just bought all of our supplies in the summer/fall. We have had 4 motors already give out. Those really cut into your budget.

3 of them just stopped turning, and one of them skips gears a ton.

I think this is a symptom of home schoolers having far too much time to practice :slight_smile: Josh (Titan) was having the same issue as you a couple of years ago.


Hahaha :slight_smile: That may have something to do with it, but my coach said we only went through 2 motors throughout 3 teams last year. I’m still wondering if it is the new battery’s…

TekiTech, Hi I’m from Highlands Inter on Oahu. We also had 3 brand new 393s that clicked & skipped. We finally figured out that the black cap was a little off centered from the hole where the shaft goes in. Replaced the black cap with old caps from broken motors & they worked fine. I have notified VEX about this. They tested 20 brand new ones of the same lot but didn’t have any defective ones. I notified them to read this thread so that they are aware that there are other defective motors.


A good idea! I did take the motor apart and all the gears were working correctly with out covers. I was a bit hesitant to do to much since it was new and didn’t want to void any warranty. I will take one of our dead motors (the post the gears ride on broke) and try that cover. I sure hope that works as I still haven’t gotten around to getting an RMA. We were at league matches the last two weekends and felt our time was better spent getting ready.


I have forwarded an email from VEX to you. Test out my “cover” solution but even if it works send the whole motor to them so that they can see what is misaligned. I had only sent the cover because it seemed to work & I thought it would save them shipping costs for a whole new motor but I guess it doesn’t show what is wrong. See you at PanPac.

Thanks Jokai!

I will give that a try after winter break. It is a pressing issue, though so is using the rare time off as time off… :slight_smile: