269 mounting screws

So yesterday while building one side of our drive dropped on the ground. When we picked it up one 269 motor broke. When I mean broke the mounting screws broke off from the motor.
Is there any way to fix this, and use the motor for competition still?
We don’t have extra 269 motors, so what could we do?
I know I posted this in 2 areas, but I want to know if anyone else experienced this happening. Also how did they deal with it.
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This same thing happened to one of our teams when a robot was being shipped back from India.
That plastic connection between the mounting screws and the motor body might be weaker than in the 3-wires…
There’s no real way to fix it. You could try holding the motor in place with standoffs or straps, but like as Rick Tyler said the motors are relatively inexpensive. You might not even be able to legally use a motor once it has been broken like that, since it is an electronic component (or maybe you can since you’re not messing with the electronics…).

I had one snap off on mine too going to worlds … managed to make it work with one post

For what it’s worth, I haven’t noticed anything unusual about the 269 motors. The application I used them in put them under heavy load, flying off an 18" stair, and nothing gave way.

when that piece breaks off i would advise just saving the remains (internal components) in case you break another one (it WILL happen)

What does saving the internal components help with breaking the mounting screws off? I know the benefit is for replacing gears that strip, but I don’t see how it helps with this.
Thanks everyone for the advice. My team will save the motor gears although we have never stripped any 269 or 393 motors.

it doesnt help with the screw holes breaking off, but for your next set of motors extra parts are valuable. save everything inside as it may need replacing in another motor. if you want to try to encase the motor in a metal case that would work (it would also trap heat) or try zip tying the motor on. this would not work in high stress conditions, but would work for many applications.

I agree with keeping the whole motor, but it pays to be careful since changing parts other than the gears or encasing the motor inside anything that would change its thermal properties could be modifying electronics.

just put the entire motor module from the old motor in the new one and nothing is modified…