26982E Worlds Robot Reveal!

Alumination Robotics is a (at this point in time) a first-year private robotics team based in Boerne, Texas

Robot Specs:
6m 1:1 HS 4" Drive
2m 1:5 Torque DR4-6B
2m 1:3 HS Translational 4-Bar
1m 1:7 Torque Mobile Goal Lift
1m 1:1 Turbo Roller Intake

16-17 second driver load
Several autonomous programs that we will discuss with our alliance partners at worlds

Arts Division!

NONE of the footage showing the robot stacking or pushing has been sped up

Join the Texas Vex Alliance - https://texasvexalliance.wixsite.com/

Song: Can’t stop Won’t stop by Up and Away


Looks great! Especially good for a first year team!

Great bot! Extremely impressive for your first season.

Big trend this season…

It REALLY was, wasn’t it. Thank you!


Wait a minute, I SEE TRACTIONS

Are you even going to Worlds @Dokkaebi ?



1814D Approves :wink: