27 and 2625 collaboration

At Worcester technical high school there are 2 teams, team 27 (tech-know commandos) and team 2625 (name to be announced) and currently team 27 is set and ready to go to competition mechanically (our programmer is working his magic) and 2625 is at a standstill because of the lack of parts (we ordered some and are waiting on them) so we decided to start building a showcase robot (similar to the nonatread from team 228) we are going to complete it before the parts arrive so we can show it off at our schools open house. here is our plan: were going to make a tracked vehicle with a pneumatic powered transmission (or possible dual stage transmission) 8 motor drive (4 per each side) we are expecting it to be extremely fast and possibly be automatic shifting. i personally think its a little ambitious but its a great team building exercise. we haven’t figured out a name yet so suggestions would be nice. updates will be posted here but this is not a certain thing the project could be put on pause or scrapped at any time.

Sounds like a nice challenging project. Although I don’t have any suggestions for names (I think the team should come up with one that is their own) I can’t wait to see the end product of the transmission. Thinking of making dog gears?

If i remember correctly its nonatread?

Yeah your right he’s not the best speller so it was simply a typo, it is nonatread.

Just a point of clarification. There is currently a Team 27 registered for the 2011-12 VRC, season but they are from Clarkston, Michigan and not Worcester, MA. You may want to double check your official VRC team number.

I agree that the team should think of the name. Not others…

were already registered and have our plates and a confirmed registration from robotevents.com we registered at the 2011 world championship were it said that there was no team from the 2010-2011 season with that number and it was open for us to use. so if there is two team 27’s i think we should get this issue resolved like now and get either us or them a new number.

I did some quick research and yes there is a team 27 out of Clarkson, Michigan but they are an FRC team and i could not find any vex relations to them what so ever.

here is there website: http://www.teamrush27.net/

what do you mean by dog gears?

I am pretty sure VEX doesn’t do really anything with FRC, FTC, FLL etc.

VEX does have a product line which is very popular among the FIRST teams, but as far some sort of official collaboration, I think you’re correct.

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If i am correct those are dog gears. But it seems as though they are also considered helical gears?

On there is doesnt say anything about dog gears (from what i’ve seen) so maybe they are helical gears, but dog gears is just an unofficial name

If i am correct those are dog gears. But it seems as though they are also considered helical gears?

On there is doesnt say anything about dog gears (from what i’ve seen) so maybe they are helical gears, but dog gears is just an unofficial name

The ones you have shown do appear to be helical in nature. You can see more ‘standard’ ones that are used in FRC here: http://www.andymark.com/product-p/am-0020.htm

Dog Gears are often used in FRC for shifting transmissions, see the AndyMark line of shifting transmissions: http://www.andymark.com/product-p/am-0001.htm

well we plan to make it out of the vex standard gears and make it competition legal (although we never plan to compete with it)

I can confirm that we did indeed register as team 27 in Orlando, Florida last april, but i just rechecked the account on robot events, and it turns out our number has reverted to last year’s number, 2625A. I know we registered as 27 because i have the license plates for the team. This is a serious problem, how would we fix this? I have attached photos of three of our 27 plates for the 2011-2012 season, along with an image of the order stating we registered 27, but robot events thinks we are 2625A

    EDIT: The mixup has been sorted out, we are in the process of changing our team number for now, at the moment it is 227, but that may be a temporary number, due to the fact that i believe gus is 228, and I would like to avoid mixups, so we may change it to 127, or whatever other number looks cool to us. Now i have to change my sig -.-<br>![IMG_20111006_151523.jpg|690x500](upload://x9Zy4Jwsjp07XnECCSbpSjOo9SJ.jpeg)<br>![IMG_20111006_151545.jpg|690x500](upload://nqLz13PoPe5CWo9T3coHVkNXa8y.jpeg)<br>![Screen Shot 2011-10-06 at 3.27.35 PM.jpg|620x223](upload://dIETFMXjeSij9QbhMwtcaoYJ2rP.jpeg)

I know it looks so cool AND the robot sides AND the robot back AND the shirt design AND the banner design AND a bunch of other things. but i noticed on the receipt that we registered for the 2010-2011 season (round up) but they gave us new plates for the 2011-2012 season and the gateway welcome kit and the fact that vrc numbers are only available 1 year after their no longer registered so technically it should have been reserved for us for this season so robot events screwed up and now were screwed too :frowning:

Hmm i didn’t even notice that, I’m not sure how we purchased that 2010-2011 registration, I’m pretty sure it was 2012 lol, but oh well, we’ll figure it out

Due to the number situation (which is still not resolved and robotevents.com is not being too supportive of) we had to scrap the projects due to time constraints but here are the pictures of the concept transmission

with the driving gear on the right this would be the torque combination

this space where neither gear is engaged acts like a clutch so we don’t have the gears grinding on each other breaking teeth and causing havoc

and again with the driving gear on the right, this would be the speed combination

we planned to have a pneumatic piston pushing the shaft to switch gears and found out that this form of transmission can work with any gear combination as long as the same 2 gears are used for both the speed and torque setting we also figured out the gears switch easier if the shafts are spinning and shaving down the sides of the gears to get the to switch easier would have probably been implemented.

but i am sad to say that you will not be seeing too much of this project for now (unless i start to cad it :rolleyes:)

Your pictures answered my question about the dog gears. Our team has built a few two speed transmissions last year and found that running the shifting portion at high rpm helps keep the gears from stripping and makes it easier to shift due to the low torque. Just a suggestion.

the space between the gear setup will prevent the teeth from stripping enough. and we planned originally to have like 2 transmissions on the robot so it could fly but still have enough torque to be a tank