273 rpm Drive Can't climb platform carrying one goal

Is it an indicator that something is wrong if my 273 rpm drive running on 4" wheels cannot climb platforms while carrying one goal? Or is it just too high of an rpm? Robot is about 15 pounds

is it 4 motors?
if so, probably a combination of a very aggressive ratio, a heavy load, less than idea center of mass when climbing, and non-negligible friction.


What kinds of wheels, all omni, or some tractions mixed in?

If you are using basic wheels they don’t stick as well. Use Omni, and lock them if needed with screws.
If you are using only omni…

Are the wheels slipping or are stopped and the motors stalling?

4 Wheels Stalling → Too much drivetrain friction. Otherwise it would be your gear ratio, but 273RPM is not bad for 4M, 4" . Also make sure all 4 of your motors are properly turning their shafts. If you are only using 2 motors, this is likely your issue.

2 Stalled, 2 Spinning → Chain your drivetrain so that the wheels are linked and share power. Or move your center or mass towards the slipping wheels.

4 Wheels Spinning/slipping → Something must be touching the ground and reducing traction, or the friction of your wheels/ramp is compromised and they need cleaning. the max steepness you can climb a rigid, smooth surface (even with infinite torque) ONLY depends on the friction of the wheels and surface, and not on the power or weight distribution of your robot. If 4 wheels are slipping, something must also be touching the ground as to reduce traction, or your surfaces are dirty, thus changing friction.


Is your wheels or platforms dirty? We had a similar problem but it was solved by cleaning the wheels and platforms.

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It probably is lol. I’ll clean the wheels and the platforms first thing next time. Thanks!

My drivetrain is running with 4M, with front and back geared together. My issue here is 4 wheels stalling, so I will check for drivetrain friction. Will also clean the wheels when I can. Thanks!!

Great to know. If they stall, it is WAY easier to address, as we know that that should be capable of climbing with one at that gearing. If you post a picture of your drive train, we can give you feedback on your building design and practices.


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