276-1096 Linear Slides

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I also noticed the Linear Slide is marked as discontinued (Part 276-1096)

Can we please save that part?!

While they are easily bent, and are much heavier, the older linear slide offers more stability and extension capabilities than the newer style linear slides. You can not extend the new ones as easily from a folded postion and you tend to end up with slides sticking out rather than tucked on one another.

On the new style, getting an external green slider back on in normal robot action is not typically feasible and limits the design options that the older linear slide affords.

I like the new ones but they compliment the older style. Please do not get rid of it.

+1 . Our linear lift would not be possible (or at least significantly less feasible) without the old style linear slides. We bought some of the new slides to try them out, but they did not provide the same amount of performance. We were able to quickly realize that we needed the old linear slides. We also talked to several teams at Worlds who tried a similar design, but with the new slide/truck system. They said that they were having all kinds of issues, the biggest being that the entire lift would fall to pieces because the trucks could not support the lift.

I have several ideal applications for the slide/truck system, but sometimes the old linear slides work better.

+1 the old ones are way stronger when it comes to certain designs…

agreed! please keep them

We are all for keeping the old ones. They have been integral to several of our robots and they will remain so for most kinds of competition grade linear expansion… They are robust and we would absolutely hate to see them go.

+1 here as well.

This years programming skills robot would not have been possible without the old style linear slide, same situation for last years triple lift gateway robot. Having said that, I can’t say we plan on buying any more due to having probably a dozen sets at the school. We did buy some of the new ones as well and, although we do like them, they seem more suited for different applications.


I just put 6 set in my cart on the site, but I would rather just be able to order these when needed than spend money hoarding them!

Kinda like “Good news folks, we are discontinuing the Aston Martin Vantage V8 and replacing it with the newly styled Hyundai Veloster”.

NOOOO!! Please don’t do this!


P.S. I just bought 2 (would’ve bought 10 if I had the money.)

Guess I should buy these now… Good use for them this season :wink:

+1 to this.

Our teams have used, and will continue to use the old linear slides in almost every design we’ve had. Getting rid of these would be a huge loss.


Our Scissor Lift would have been impossible without the old slides, and in the future we will continue to require the old slides for many of our designs.

Please keep the old ones…

+1 Our RoundUp and Gateway elevator robots would not have been possible without these slides. Please do not discontinue them.


These linear slides were an integral part of our robot this year. I would be sad and disappointed to see these go.

+1 (10char)

+1 It would be a shame to see such a unique and useful part go away. Although I don’t use them much myself, I’ve seen many amazing designs that would cease to exist if linear slides would be gotten rid of.


There are very stark differences between the all-metal slides and the metal-plastic hybrid. In my experience, the metal-plastic slides do actually slide more smoothly, but they can pop apart when force normal to the direction of sliding is applied. The all-metal slides are much more sturdy for applications which involve lots of pushing/shoving.

You will also notice that most of the scissor lifts I’ve seen online used the all-metal slides.

someone link karthik to this thread already :stuck_out_tongue:


The metal slides are probably still used are 75% of robots in my region, and I don’t doubt that lots of them chose the metal-metal over metal-plastic.

What if the whole thing is just a huge marketing scheme. They probably sold more linear slides in the last week than any other week, yeah?
So what I’m saying is, don’t get cheated into buying linear slides by this vex tomfoolery. That way, I can get them all for myself :wink:

I think that this should be mentioned here, too: We really do like the metal-plastic slides. They are a great addition to any robotics team’s supply, especially in the 17.5" lengths.

I certainly don’t want to come off as unappreciative of the work that went into those slides. I just wanted to say that they are two *different *products, each ideal for *different *situations.