2775J CAD Challenge

Hello everyone!

I know there are many entries in the online challenge but I would really appreciate it if you would go check out (and maybe vote for!) my entry, the Autonomous Selection Knob.

You can see my video explaining it below.

Thanks for checking it out! :slight_smile:

That’s really cool.


Is it competition legal?

For VexU teams, it can be mounted to the robot permanently, but mounting permanently is illegal for MS and HS. For these teams (MS and HS), the potentiometer can be plugged in for just a second before matches to set the autonomous, then unplugged before the match starts.

Out of curiosity, when you were designing it did you intend all 16 autons to be used? Even with all the possibilities for TP this year, the most you would probably have would be 8 (4 starting spots, 2 for each starting spot)
This looks fantastic though! Almost looks a bit like something VEX would sell. Change the colors to red and grey and now there’s a new V5 potentiometer setterometer. Ships in 8 weeks.

Nope, I only have 8 autons and my programming skills. However, I’m sure there are teams that having 16 autons would be useful for, so I included all of them. The only reason I chose 16 is because it’s better than is possible just building a selector with Vex parts and it’s double the controller programs.

Thanks! That’s the effect I was going for and I’m glad you like it! :slight_smile:

Tinkercad at its finest hah

What is the difference of using a potentiometer or an LCD screen for autonomous selection?

I mean, the potentiometer bases the selection in its angle, and the LCD screen bases the selection on the buttons pressed.
Personally I think the potentiometer is easier to program and use, but some people like using the LCD screen.