2775J Late Fall Reveal

Side climbing op (even though I can’t do it)

Looking good, I love your funnel!

Looks good but I feel like you can make your lift faster. Especially with 2 V5 motors powering it.

Yes you’re absolutely right. The problem is, since my top part is so wide, it can sometimes bump the lift towers, especially when the robot is turning. And so I’ve found that the speed it goes at is fast enough to be competitive but slow enough that is doesn’t bump the lift towers. Definitely something for me to work on though. :slight_smile:

What cable sleeves are those? Awesome funnel idea!

The cable sleeves weren’t purchased from this site, but thy are the ones seen here. And thanks, the funnel really does help a lot!

Thanks and good to hear! Good luck!

Your robot looks really good! Very clean lift and 4 bar with cap flipper and I absolutely love the funnel as well as the passive cat for the middle flag during auton. Looks like a strong contender. Can’t wait to see it in action at our comp in 2 weeks!

Thanks! Hope to see you there!

Great job, love the lining up mechanism on your bot.

does anyone know how you would build a funnel on a 6-bar?

Wouldn’t it just be the same?

Yeah, it should be the same. Either one that folds out the bottom of the intake like above or one that folds out on a tower in between the bars like 1814D Delta.

Yeah, i was just asking how to fit it

Ok thx!

You wouldn’t be able to side park the way you tried because it requires raising your lift outside of the expansion zone.

You could be fancy and come up with some sort of possibly retractable “funnel.” (I’ve been calling it a post aligner) Possibly with rubber bands or a compact pulley system.
Or you do do pretty much exactly what is seen here.

Ya, thx 4 the idea. I have thought about this throughout the day, and i think that the best way to do it for a six bar is to make a retractable rubber band mechanism connecting to the 131 c-channel bracing on a lift. I mean, it might work?

Yeah, you’d just halve to figure out a way to make it passively deploy. Maybe a bar on the base forced it out of the way?

Yes, but then I can’t really side park anyway! :slight_smile: (It’s not somehting I would attempt in an actual match.)

As for the six bar post aligner, something like 21S is reasonably easy to do.

I believe the aligner is somehow pulled up by the motion of the lift, and goes back down when the lift does.