2775J V5 Fall Reveal

catapult definitely not based on 8059a
(filmed on a microwave btw)
Also accepting criticism

what is the claw made out of? At first it kinda looks like bent standoffs but i don’t know how one could easily do that.

What is the music?

Yeah it’s bent standoffs. I used a vice and my hands.

K’NAAN-Waving Flag

Nice remix of K’NAAN-Waving Flag

thx i think

Knowing what nbn was like with feeds, they can never be too fast, drop the friction in the intake to the bare min you can get and I bet you could gear up the intake to a peak of 600 rpm and then run the motor at peak power (rpm X torque aka about 60%motor speed) and effectively have a 360 rpm feed that should be happy at those speeds. Other than that id need to play around with V5 and your bot to see that ratios you can get away with. Moral of the story any time you run a motor you should be running it one gearing ration below what it first fails testing at. Decide your testing requirements and then test and tune. Make every hinge as friction-less as your design will afford you to. Then DRIVE DRIVE DRIVE like your life depends on it.

Thank you very much for your ideas. I plan on changing my intake to 300 rpm (with a 600 motor) when I get the chance, and my RD4B to 100 rpm. The catapult doesn’t really matter, but I’ll probably change that to 100 rpm as well. I have a tournament nest saturday and I’m going to be practicing as much as possible before then.

wow look at Mr. arm man with his hands and stuff lol

Do you think you’ll be okay with such a small intake tho?

The brake is also really cool but how effective is it?

lol it took like half an hour it was so hard to get right (i broke two standoffs in half)

Idk it’ll take some drive practice but I should be ok

Pretty effective, up to like a ton of force. (Also more effective pushing backward than forward.)

@Baguette123 About the song, I don’t remember you being either Indian or knowing Hindi. Nevertheless, great robot, very impressive!

Any plans of making the catapult double-ball capable?

Might wanna watch out for collection from the walls or field corners though, the cap intake might get in the way

Yes, very much so. It started that way but took so many rubber bands and bent axles that I just made it single.

Yeah, that will be hard. I found that the actual intake can be raised above 3 inches off the ground while still being within 18 inches, so that’ll be handy. Also, there are like 20 balls, so hopefully some of them aren’t on a corner :slight_smile:

this is basically my entire design except a double a catapult. GG. Also did you get much wobble with the dr4b?

I did. My counter to this is an antichamber-style post aligner that I am implementing right now. I’m also using programming to set the RD4B to pre-specified heights for each of the posts. Congrats on getting a double catapult to work :slight_smile:

we didn’t get it to work yet. Hence the word design :D. Also how did you attach the paddle on that ball intake?


not op but from what I can see it a chain on a smaller sprocket located in the middle with one of the chain links switched out with this

i think

yeah pretty much