2775V Flywheel Testing

A nice way to test your shooter


Whats your flywheel recovery time if you dont mind me asking?

I don’t think you need to be that accurate when shooting for the goals but nice flywheel and nice shot.

Trust me on this one



You do for all shoots but it is especially important for long shoots


Another thing for people to be aware of is the direction that your flywheel causes discs to spin. This can dramatically impact the consistency of your shooting if you know your own flywheel well and where the sweet spots in the goal are to shoot at.

From my experience, If your flywheel(s) are on the right side of your shooter or where the disc comes out, the disc will want to roll right when it hits the chains, meaning you should aim a bit to the left of the center of the goal, and vice versa for left side flywheels.

You will notice how if you shoot on the wrong side of the goal for your spin direction, the disc will bounce and spin out of the goal 9/10 times; but if you aim at the proper spot the disc will spin into the goal 9/10 times.


We haven’t tested for it because we don’t have a velocity controller programmed yet. You can tell for this test we just waited for it to return to full speed audibly.


I love seeing this kind of testing! I do wonder whether it could be more accurate to use graphite transfer paper, and whether the discs would have enough velocity/hardness to leave a mark on it if so. Great idea though.


Yes! If I had like 10 sheets of carbon paper lying around and we wanted to use it, the results would be more accurate and precise. With that said, I think what we did works well enough for the scale of our problem.


If you don’t mind me asking how did you get your flywheel to be so strong. For ours we used gears and everything but its still not powerful enough

what gearing are you using and what motor color

we are using a 7 to 1 blue around 4200 rpm and we launched it around 25 feet from a table

also make sure no axles are bent and that its easy to spin by hand

Oh ok so we are using something similar I don’t have it on the top of my head but we are using the standard green motors with 600 rpm

red motors are 100 rpm
green motors are 200 rpm
blue motors are 600 rpm

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In Vex Code v5 we have the option of making the rpm from 100-600rpm so we just select the 600 rpm since we see a visible difference. Also how do you change the rpm from more than 600 is it via code or is it multiple motors?

The motors rpm is determined by the internal cartridge, and they are identified by color: red =100, green = 200 (default), and blue = 600. If you are using a 200rpm green cartidge motor, you can not just set it to 600 rpm in code. Also to achieve a speed higher than 600 rpm you need a gear ratio


A lot of testing

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To change a motor cartridge look here.

Ok, but also how did were they able to acheive such high rpm? The only thing I can think is tons of motors and gears. Using so many motors might take away power from the drivetrain though since you can have a limited amount of motors in the comp.

3000rpm can be achieved with a 1:5 gear ratio on a 600 rpm motor

Oh so is it that the minimum rpm is 600? And that it can generate more?