2880A Revealed!

The first Decent 30" Scissor of SACK ATTACK!
Subsystem 1 (Drivetrain)
Extra Wide Chasis With 2 Omni in front and High Friction in the back powered by for 1.6:1 High strength motors
Subsystem 2 (Lift)
Double Scissor geared 12:84 for torque but goes up extremely fast! Powered by four High Strength
Special Mechanism that allows us to reach 32"
Subsystem 3 (Manipulator)
4 Omni wheels covered in Non-Stick for ULTIMATE TRACTION powered by 2 high Strength motors!
Questions? Comments. Applauses!
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Sweet! More Scissor Lifts :smiley:

Any specific reason you used omni wheels in the intake? Why not just gears?

For that special mechanism that allows you to reach 32" - I’m assuming this means your intake can reach 32"?

And how many sacks can it lift?

I’ve fought this thing all season… something to watch out for.:wink:

You mention that you have your omni wheels covered in NON-stick. Can you please explain how that increases traction?

Yes it allows us to Reach 32". About 5-7 with a medium battery but with a full well… That’s a secret!

Thanks Maxx! Talk about a real machine they are the ones I’d be watching out for middle school!

Pretty sure he meant the omni’s on the intake covered in mesh.

It doesn’t look like the one we fought… Somethings different.

Great looking robot guys, we’ll be looking out for you guys in Anaheim!

Thanks guys looking forward to worlds

Here is a video of them in a match: http://youtu.be/w0zBloF-tA8

Thought you guys might want that :wink:


Great robot guys! It was fun alliancing with you! I see you added mesh to your intake. Does that help intake the sacks better?

See you at worlds!

Hi… I normally doesn’t like to do this, but I just thought that I should correct the facts…

It can’t be the 1st scissor of sack attack.

Back in last year June, there was a Singapore team that had a scissor. But they ditched it for another design after the tournament.

And even during last year APAC, there were quite a number of formidable scissors… eg. 8229, 8228, etc… all in youtube…

But still, it is a nice robot that you have here… not easy to master the scissor, and you did it. Great job!! :slight_smile:

What I meant by “decent” is that it had three tiers and a special mechanism to allow it to reach 32"
Most of the Chinese and Singapore teams have 4 tiers

Well… I can tell you your robot isn’t the only one with a 3-tier scissor that can reach past 32. Ours does too, except without a special mechanism.

We started to compete in Dec , 2012 and never claimed it was the 1st 30" scissor lift: