29 Point Driver Skills Run - 574C

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Very nice!

Yep. We’ll see a perfect score by February. Then it’ll be a “time to achieve” contest.

We will see 30+ driving skill soon.

Thank you guys for posting this!

Just wondering, how much resistance were on those flags during your run? I know there are inconsistencies, but those flags turned a lot easier than the ones we had this weekend when we were testing.

Or they just hit them harder.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw scores that high in December. If robots with lifts and launchers cranked up their drive speed, it’s very likely we’ll see perfect scores pretty soon.

Awesome! Didn’t think we would already have a “perfect” score this early.

Now, how in the world will anyone do this with programming? V5? Would love for a team to blow my mind.

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In programming, they’d have to use a a bunch of sensors. It’ll be tough, but if your definition of “perfect” is to accomplish everything the robot can possibly do with its design, then I’ll build a short push bot and just flip the grounded caps for you. That shouldn’t be too hard with a bit of tuning.

What exactly is the point of skills? If I’m not wrong, skills don’t get you to states/worlds, do they? Is it just a matter of having achievements under your belt?

Skills cannot qualify for worlds but it can qualify for other events such as the US Open.

@littlebro5 skills can qualify for state and worlds. Just because the top 50 scores no longer qualify, doesn’t mean that teams can’t get to worlds on skills. At our state tournament last year, 2719B double qualified by winning the tournament and excellence. The extra qualification spot qualified my team for worlds through skills. While skills is not as important this year, it still has it’s place. Not to mention, skills trophies are still trophies.

skills can still get you to worlds or state… especially if you are based in those big regions.

holy crap i’m dumb

so what do you have to do for skill to qualify?

if the question is for me… then there is nothing much that i can do. lol.

but for you… i would think skills should still be relevant.

the documents are all in the thread. think some of the forum people has also summarised the qualification process in the thread.

Have fun!

Despite the fact that the top 50 spots were removed from direct qualification to worlds, skills is still very important. Oftentimes at local and state competitions, the spot which was normally allocated to the 3rd Tournament Champion instead would go to skills champion. Because of double qualifications, I could see many regions where 2 or 3 teams are sent to Worlds from skills.

I believe skills champion can get you to us open, too.

Hi fellow Ohioan. I meant a perfect score for a competition bot (as opposed to a skills bot).

In regions where skills matter, I would get the qualification in for states, regionals, or nationals, and then switch focus on a skills bot to take to competitions. The best way to do it now that skills only competitions aren’t a thing. Get a high skills score and (essentially) guarantee worlds qualification.

My region (Ohio) has lot of worlds spots, and the skills list was always my backup plan when I competed (wish I could’ve worked on programming skills more though). I’m not 100% sure how things will change with different awards qualifying.