2900 Stream from NZ regional!!

stream is up (we think) at http://stream.symbiohsis.com

you’ll probably need either Winamp or VLC media player to connect

pm me if it doesnt work

Am I the only one that it is asking for a username and password for?

Nope… I need one too.

You need to open http://stream.symbiohsis.com:8000 in a program like Winamp, VLC, or SMPlayer (open a network stream). Opening it in a web browser won’t work, nor will clicking on the “Stream URL” link.

Hope this works,

click listen at the top

This downloads a file called listen.pls with IE and Chrome - what does that open with?

what and where is this event exactly?

This is the New Zealand VEX regional.
It is being held at the albany campus of Massey university in Auckland New Zealand.

BTW i think the Cheesy Poofs are awesome.

oh ok.
what are we seeing exactly, just the on deck area?


We showed some NZ folks around Atlanta last year for FRC, was it you guys?


Unfortunately i was not there:mad:

thats just the on deck area right?

This is just above our pit but yes it is pointing towards the fields. you can basically see the entire event.

darn i wanted to see some robot action lol.
thats cool of you guys to put this stream up
nice signs >.>

Hey…I think I see Jason Morella. Is he there?

Any chance of getting this webcast hooked up to the field camera(s)?

yep he is here, and unfortunatey we dont have access to the field cameras nor do we have long enough cables to move our cameras :frowning:

its 2:15pm here at the moment, stream will be stopping at 3:30ish. we’ll be back tomorrow at around 10:00 am our time (GMT +13) tell as many people as you can :slight_smile:

Awesome, only -4 hrs off Pacific time. I think you meant GMT +12… at least that’s what Microsoft lists.

edit: silly Microsoft.

Ah yea it would but i dont think it takes into account our daylight savings time (time changes forwards/backwards and hour during certain times of the year)
it will be back up again in about 13 hours.

Okay depending on what time our webmaster get here(to the regional) the stream should be up in less than an hour so keep checking!:slight_smile: