2908X Robot Reveal (Maths Divison)

2908X Roarbotix is proud to finally present our fourth and final robot this season, Manatee.

Manatee is a fast and powerful cube scorer, with a 6 motor speed drive and a 2 cube pneumatic needle. It also has a pneumatic skyrise needle that can build a full 7-high skyrise, but I will leave the rest up to the video.

See you at worlds!

This bot is gonna be a flying manatee with how fast it will be going with a 6 motor speed drive! :slight_smile:

This is such a great robot! Its been fun competing with/against you throughout the season! Good luck at worlds :smiley:

Thank you. Hopefully not quite Flying, It would be nice if at least 4 of the wheels stayed on the tiles at once… :smiley:

Thanks Steve. It’s been a great season for us too, the games against you were exciting, and our one game with you was fun and definitely one to remember ;). Good luck in the Science Division, it looks like it’s stacked with a heap of Great teams.