2915 driver skills

Hey everyone, i just thought i would mention that out driver skills runs are no longer unlisted

41 points at nationals -


46 points in preperation at worlds, unfortunately we didnt get it done right at worlds, we put a New Zealand banner underneath the intake, which affected the scoring of the doubler barrells, so we missed them all 3 times D: we had a 4th shot, which didnt count, but was on the official fields and got 46 after we took the banner off… oh well, (this is actually a 47, but i missed one, and we didnt bother filming again) - generally we were scoring anywhere between 43 and 47


That is impressive. Our 404 robot was only able to max out at about 40. The robot itself only hold 5 pieces in the perfect orientation which is what slowed it down. We also seem to use quite a different route than you. Anyways, sorry you couldn’t get it at worlds…

Definitely the scariest NZ robot I saw this year. How you get your feeder, lift and chassis so efficient (without tripping breakers?) just boggles my mind. Congratulations; it looks like you put lots and lots of time into perfecting every single aspect of your robot. It certainly shows in all your matches and especially your driver skills runs.

Interesting path that you guys came out with.
In fact, I thought the path that you took was better than the one that our teams (i.e Singapore teams) came out with.

The way you handled the stack was slightly different as well. You went for the top and then down, while we went to the middle of the stack and pulled the whole stack in simultaneously.

But very impressive indeed :slight_smile: