2915a 2915 Worlds Reveal

With worlds coming up tomorrow, we thought we would show everyone our robot. We have made a few changes since nationals.

Take a look at the video.

It is going to be exciting meeting everyone at worlds again. See you all tomorrow :slight_smile:

EDIT: Admin - if you can please change the second 2915 to a 2015 in the title that would be great.

Wow, this robot is amazing. At least a worlds quarterfinalist :smiley: How heigh have you been able to get your skills runs with the new robot?

So agile, you are like the cube stronger 185a, while 185a is like the skyrise stronger 2915a. Why did you power it from the first stage and the middle stage instead of only the middle stage?

It spreads out the load a lot better as well as not having to lift the motor weight.

Could you elaborate on that please, and would you recommend powering it from the first and middle stage only instead of the middle stage only?

Pretty funny reveal there Steve. The new and improved robot was fun to play against at the Pre-worlds Scrimmage. Good Luck in the Science division!!!

Hahaha. Funniest joke I have heard all season.

The montage parody-esque reveal was hilarious and your robot looks great!

Look forward to seeing you guys in the Science division!