2915a, Lynfield Jack Attack "Special" Nationals Reveal Sack Attack

As some of you may be aware, the NZ national competition will be held next weekend (1st, 2nd, 3rd March). The NZ teams are starting to get hyped, and we thought we would give you guys a little taste of our robot.

We have decided to do something a little different for our reveal this year… Below you will see a link to a picture of our robot. No, it is not a black box. There is a few days to our national competition, each day one piece of “block” will be removed from the image (a new image will be posted) , or a new piece of information about the robot will be released…. If we are feeling in a risky mood we might even do both :wink: However, if we release information we will release two versions of it… one true, one false (in the same post) – the correct answer will be revealed the day after, with an explanation.

So as you can see, we want to reveal our robot, but also have a bit of fun with it in a different way to the usual “teasers”.

Just a bit of background on Skipper V4:

  • It has won every competition it has entered (3 so far i think? But a lot more if you include v3 and v2…)
  • It has a robot skills score of more than 360 (we dont want to say quite how much just yet…)
  • This will be 2915a’s last season :frowning:

Other stuff will be released in days to come :wink:

Day 1 Image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r5rl5nzrjb63trb/day1(1).png

Day 1 fact (version 1): We have a 1.6:1 ratio drive.

Day 1 fact (version 2): We have a 1:1 ratio drive.

Thanks for your attention!

OOH i’m excited!

From the Pneuma tanks I’m guessing pneumatic lift? pneumatic lift helper?
Obviously also a high goal flipper and possibly hopper flipper

And 1.6:1 drive because you had that before and it worked pretty well.

Guysssssss we have a drive train with wheels!!! Hurrrrr

I might just be viewing the pic wrong, but it looks to me like there is a gap of cut metal in between the two wheels that are seen in the picture. Might I ask what the purpose of this gap is?

I am just going to guess that you made a speed transmission with the tanks… really that’s the only way I see you getting over 360 in driver skills if you go faster than high speed configuration…

With 3 tanks? No way. I’m thinking it’s a piston-assisted lift (you remember his 2nd team’s original reveal?) with perhaps a flip-down spatula(or something like that) which can score on the high goal from sacks on the ground

Very creative reveal, I’m liking it!

Nice thread Jack. At least it has a better title this time. :stuck_out_tongue:
Get that 9000 next week. :wink:

i found that interesting as well. I assumed that it was for the lift system so it could be lower… but i reasoned that would almost be the equivalent of cantilevering the drive…

I’m guessing the tanks are just for counterweight. It’s the new fad.

Day 2 Image: https://www.dropbox.com/s/txyzp6s8onyqrhw/day22.png?m

Day 2 fact (version 1): We can lift 20 objects with 2 393 motors on 7:1.
Day 2 fact (version 2): We can lift 15 objects with 2 393 motors on 7:1.
Day 2 fact (version 3): We can lift 25 objects with 2 393 motors on 7:1.
Day 2 fact (version 4): None of the above.

The correct answer to day 1 was version 1, we have a 1.6:1 drive.

No… the tanks are not for counter balance :stuck_out_tongue:

Knowing you guys, there is no way you can only lift 10 with 2 393’s on 7:1. So I go with the 20 sacks

No pneumatic lift. Pneumatic hopper and high goal flipper? Gear shifter? Brake?

All of those uses for Pistons are good guesses for anyone else but in my experience jack likes to build efficiency robots and too many of those are defensive.

My guess is that they have some type of stacker that scores on the high goal. They put 9 on one side, 9 on the other and straddle 9 in the middle. That would get 360 without the parking bonus.

I think I know what it is… Do you score form the back, or from the front?

The gas was needed to adjust the different configurations between the front wheel and middle wheel because the middle wheel needed more room to contain chain configuration.

I think 2915A had pneumatic “wings” on their robot for defense at Worlds last year. I saw them flip down in a video or two.
Go to 2:50 to see the walls flip down.

None of the above.

We are up to day 3! :slight_smile:

The correct answer to yesterdays questions was option 1, we lift 20 sacks at maximum.

Day 3 Picture: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r3zpggaw1gt9imk/day3.png

Day 3 fact (version 1): We can score 80pts with the driver control loads on the high goal in skills.
Day 3 fact (version 2): We can score 50pts with the driver control loads in the high goal in skills.

We are getting closer to nationals now… a couple of things have changed on the robot, might have to update the picture tomorrow :wink:

OOh this one should be easy

80 points (it’s in your skills video)

Pneumatics are definitely not for a hopper angle changer because it’s rigid…

hmmmm 3 tanks for just a high goal flipper?

Well maybe there is a reason he still has some of the chassis blacked out…