2915A NBN Worlds Reeveal

After quite a bit of teasing, Lynfield College Robotics team 2915A is proud to reveal our Nothing But Net Worlds robot, ‘Bangsta Wap’.

Here’s some specs:
4 motor 2.4:1 direct tank drive
5 motor flywheel
Good stack intake
39.2:1 Flywheel ratio

We’re in the Arts division.
Good Luck at all competing teams and see you all at Worlds!

Good robot, whats your fire rate? I don’t think I need to wish you any luck xD.

Awesome robot! See you in the Arts Division!

Yup, we screwed lol

Hair dryer?

Arts division first win confirmed!

Nah pneumatic intake

How is that possible and still kept vex legal?

We won’t be using it at worlds because our air compressor was too heavy to fit in the plane.

Wouldn’t compressed air just push the balls away?
I’m really very curious as to how you were able to achieve this.

It’s an air compressor, like a vacuum, so it sucks balls towards it.

Oh, I assumed he was talking about an air compressor to fill a tank since there’s no legal air compressor that could be used to suck balls in.

Hi guys,

Just to clarify, the air compressor was just used for visual effects and is no way part of the robot.

We are really looking forward to competing this year. The rebuild since nationals has been challenging, since we hadn’t built a flywheel before then! Hopefully we wont disappoint.

See y’all (said in an american accent) tomorrow!


He was just joking, haha :stuck_out_tongue:

We used an air compressor for that cool effect to make balls travel to our intake. We don’t actually have one on our robot!

-edit- I got ninja’d

Yes, I know that it was a trick.
That was my round about way of getting you to admit that. :d

Anyway, Awesome robot.

Dammit Steve

Hey! Just a quick post worlds update.

We managed to come away with the Robot Skills World Champion and Excellence Award World Champion titles :smiley:

We would also like to give a big congratulations to 8691E 1104M and 400S for taking out the Tournament Champion awards, you guys played so well - the finals in the arena were amazing to watch!

We allianced with 1104X and 46A, and were unfortunately eliminated in quarter finals. A big thank you to our alliance partners. Even though things didn’t quite go to plan, you were were amazing to work with.

We have a couple of videos we would like to share -

478 Robot Skills Run: This was unofficial and done at home a couple of weeks before worlds, sorry about the average filming…

And a short stack practice run: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=STZtzl3V8G8

We would also like to thank the support team that came with us, our teachers, parents and mentors who have given up their time and money to travel with us on this trip. And most importantly the volunteers and staff that made the event possible, thank you so much.

The Lynfield team flies out on Monday, we have had a great time in Kentucky and hope to see y’all again soon.

Good luck for the new game :slight_smile:

I just noticed that you looked so sad sitting behind Karthik! I kept saying, “Poor Steve, he looks so sad. He doesn’t know what to do when he’s not in the Finals.” Then you got Excellence and still looked very sad.

But I’m sure you guys deserved the Excellence award. You had a great bot and a great team.

Haha, I was actually just very tired from a long, stressful trip xD. I was extremely happy to have received World Robot Skills Champion after 3 years of trying to get that one award :smiley: . And to get World Excellence Award on top of that made us so grateful. It was awesome to see so many of my friends with such an amazingly high standard in the round robin with a double high elevation (or attempted high elevation) in every game :slight_smile: .