2915a Pre-Nationals Reveal 2k15

The NZ Nationals are coming up next weekend, so its about time we revealed our 2015 robot!

More information on the NZ nationals can be found here: https://vexforum.com/t/live-real-time-score-for-new-zealand-nationals/28576/1


1 : 1.3 drive for both offense and defense.
Allianced with 2915C, it can build the skyrise and run out of cubes with 30 seconds to go (on a good game!)
5 Skyrise section 15 second autonomous on both red and blue, with the preload on the skyrise as well.
Currently capable of 59 robot skills and a very consistent 55 robot skills.

Hopefully we will qualify and see you all at worlds!

[Here’s a link to the reveal video.


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Awesome looking robot, Steve! Can’t wait to see it perform during the livestream.

Disco chicken :smiley:

Where are the motors. I can’t tell if u have 6 on the lift or dive or if you have powered the swing arm pneumatically or by using a motor.

We have 4 motors on our drive, 4 motors on our lift, 1 motor on our swingarm and 1 motor on our winch (our intake is on sliders with a motorised winch to gain extra height).

Can confirm robot is very good at defence, virtually has wallbot capabilities:D

Brilliant intake idea, wouldn’t have thought of that.

Amazing robot, the autonomous alone is going to win you a lot of matches.

I like the dancing chicken !

Did you guys use a brace of some sort to get your robot into the right position for skyrise autonomous?

A lot of teams have trouble with positioning their robots properly, we actually lost quite a few important matches because of this.

Do you mean to line the robot up before a match? We don’t have a special tool to line it up, we just ensure that the claw will close/open in the right place by putting skyrise sections in the loader and in the skyrise base and making it line up on both sides :slight_smile:

We have been working hard on auton all week (and robot skills :D), heres our 6 section 1 cube 15 second auton

I just hope it works on the competition fields :confused:


Nicely done, and I like the music choice. Also glad to see you tightened the top right arm motor since the last video.

Our team was just talking about how 5 skyrise and a cube HAS to be the limit, looks like we were wrong again. :stuck_out_tongue:

Amazing. I can’t wait to see excellent robots like this at worlds! You are scoring more in autonomous than half of the teams in Minnesota could score in a whole match. Blows my mind!

you’ve outdone yourself, barker.
do you use encoders for the swing arm and/or the winch? or are other sensors at work?
also, i hope we get to see a video of your skills routine soon :wink: