2918E full bot reveal

4 motor lift 1to5 torque
4 motor speed drive chained
2 motor mogo 1to 5 torque
1 motor Fourbar 1to 3 torque
1 motor speed spinner intake

I believe your fourbar is 1 to 3 ratio… Nice robot though! I hope you do well!!!

Why do you need all those rubber bands if you have 2M 1:5 torque?

It slows the mogo on the way down so no cones fall off. I am not on the team though so I can’t be sure.

Correct for cones not to get stuck

Anti slip mat can also fill this purpose.

How much does your robot weigh? My team has a similar design and have been experiencing chassis burnouts at around 19lbs. I think its a friction problem, but it would be nice to compare with another robot.

Not sure probs under20lbs

How does your LED’s work, without them being wired to the cortex?

Oh its powered by batteries AA+
But its been taken off because its not connected to the cortex

If they’re powered by AA, then is it legal for competition? It would be a nonfunctional decoration correct?

No, having your LED’s be powered by anything other than the CORTEX’s sensor port is illegal.

Your robot looks really clean, and I loveeeee the color scheme of it!
Assuming you’ve qualified to worlds, I will be looking out for you :wink:

Any reason you did 4 motor lift instead of 2 motor?

Skizzors usually take at least 4 motors.

except it’s a dr4b

Oh. oof.Thought I was on a different reveal.

Sad to say i did not qualify to worlds would of like to as it was my last season and its quite hard to qualify at nz as there is only 7 to 9 places, oh well ive already been to world twice first time qualifyed by skills in nz then following year starstruck winning the tournament championship ive accomplished my goals and had fun time to move on and use this skills and put to work. Also this bot is gona be represented across Australia as a example for the Australians to see how its done by the nz

Just for faster purpose.

Many teams use high speed 1:7, which is faster than 1:5. And they do it on 2 motors

Torque 1:5 is 20 rpm, hi-speed 1:7 is 23 rpm.