2919A "Interactive Presentation" (or Reveal)

Those who stopped by our pit for the Sack Attack world champs would have seen a screen with some robot info on it, others may have seen us with a tablet with a similar program on it.
I made it on the plane ride to the world champs pretty much and the information enclosed is from the summary section of our design notebook, all wrapped up in a website.


It’s all HTML, jQuery and CSS with two jQuery plugins:
It has a robot drawing on the left with little boxes to represent elements of the robot, click on them to get some information that appears on the right.
This was initially designed for a touch screen, but has been changed a bit to make it more mouse friendly. The interactive version has a world map (to ask teams where they’re from), a checklist, and a drawable field diagram at the bottom.

What was displaying at our pit was one with a little less information, running on a timer with our random compliment generator (not included) that we have at every large event. That can be accessed just by adding a hashtag:

It’s been tested in Chrome, Mozilla and IE and all work as expected. Don’t know about other browsers but it should be good.
Bear in mind I’ve only touched up on this a little bit so it’s still pretty roughly coded.

Hopefully someone can find this useful in some way, feel free to use any or all of it.

Oh yeah, that’s our robot as well! (but who cares about that, it’s not as if this is a robotics competition or anything)](http://kforce.org.nz/extra/sackpres/index.html#auto)

This is a great way to do electronic documentation. Nice job.

Beautiful work. I was thinking of doing something like this. It would be perfect to leave on the table at worlds to answer peoples basic questions.

Great job on this!!! :slight_smile:

You, sir, have set the new standard of robot reveals.

I’m impressed. Greatly impressed. :smiley:

Now I want to do that for my future teams… :slight_smile:

Can we have some examples of random complements? :smiley:

Thank you! :slight_smile:

It was so useful for scouting. “Here’s what our robot does!”

You sir, may have this PHP version I just made

The algorithm isn’t really that complicated, I wouldn’t be surprised if someone worked it out.

It’s great to meet you at worlds!

You were an excellent partner in the warm up match and I know my daughter of 81M especially hit it off with Marco on your team.

Hope to see you again next year.

Don’t forget to call this kind of thing out explicitly in your website challenge entry next year. You could possibly tailor a version of this for club promotion or how to join the club on your website would check a few boxes off the judged criteria. And it looks especially cool to boot.

I could not get it to work in Internet Explorer, but when I opened it in Firefox I was amazed! This is an incredible way to show off an incredible robot!! Great work!