2919M End to the Season Reveal - Mareep

Hey everyone :slight_smile: now that the season has come to a close for 2919, heres the reveal for our final robot we used to compete at NZ Nationals 2015, Mareep.

The specifications include:
> 4-motor Tank Drive (Toggled between tank and arcade control during match)
> 6-motor Reverse 4-6 Bar Lift
> Pneumatic Reverse Skyrise Claw
> 2-Cube Capacity Needle (Passive Intake / Pneumatic Outake)
> 2 Autonomous Routines (Dependent on tile placement for both skyrise and cube scoring)

Here is a playlist containing multiple test videos of the robot pre-nationals (a different needle is used compared to in nationals): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLP9Dp5Puf5W706qYFcpqVFOCcQ57rG1bW

A match from nationals can be viewed here which also shows our 8-point skyrise auton (sorry for bad quality): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7-IlhDAil0

I’ll try get a few pictures next week to post, but until then, here’s one (ignore the nerd behind the robot :p) : [ATTACH]9126[/ATTACH]

Thanks everyone for a great season! See you all next season :slight_smile:
Feel free to ask any questions.

Your robot looks great! Looks like you’ve done a lot of testing in order to make everything work. I like the anti-tip system. Haven’t seen many like it.

What gear ratio were you using on your lift?

What were some of the major obstacles you faced in carrying out this design, if any? What was the most difficult thing to get right?

Congratulations on a great season Marco. It’s too bad you didn’t qualify for worlds but hopefully we’ll still see you there!

What do you mean when you say 4 motor H-drive? Is there a strafe wheel?

I’ve noticed a few people on the forums using H-drive incorrectly lately, which I think it might be used incorrectly here.

H-drive would imply some wheels oriented normally, and at least one wheel perpendicular to those “normal” wheels to allow for a strafe function. This robot appears to have 4 wheels oriented all in the same direction, therefore not an H-drive.

It is an awesome robot though! I really like how you had multiple small videos on your youtube channel showing specific parts of the robot. I think I am going to encourage my team to do that for next year. Nice job!

You cant tell if there is a 5th wheel in the center, perpendicular to the others. Maybe he is taking about the way his base is structured, like an “H” (similar to all the confusion in cody’s poll on drive bases)

Thanks! Lots and lots of testing with multiple designs for everything to come together :stuck_out_tongue:

For the lift ratio, its just a 1 : 7 ratio using 6 motors.

I’d say the three major things were the bracing on the lift (which was limited due to my needle deployment), the needle mounting, and the setup and mounting of the claw to ensure that I only needed to drive forward and backwards to build my skyrise :slight_smile:

Thanks Peter! It is too bad but it was a fun season so it’s all goods :smiley: You’ll still see me there most likely :stuck_out_tongue:

I think I made a booboo on the H-Drive… it was 1am when I wrote it and no I don’t mean a strafe wheel :frowning: just the structure.

I agree I didn’t mean H-drive in the right sense sorry, early morning writing and I wasn’t thinking straight :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks very much though! I would recommend small videos, it’s a great way of keeping track of the robot!

I was Cam :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry everyone for the confusion haha!

It could be either way but seeing how it moved and the you tube video graininess I could not see for sure.

That’s 10 motors so the 4 tank drive ones have to handle both parts.

One of our teams 81H Havok had an H drive this year where the four (normal) left side right side wheels were powered by two motors and chained together for movement along the “Y axis” going forward and backward. They had two additional motors on two more omni wheels faced perpendicular to them driving the bot left right along the X axis.

They did not have as good movement as 2919M. Our guys cut out a bunch of times on the forward/backward motors due to those pesky PTC circuits. And the placement of the left right wheels drove better but not exactly along the X axis.

Looking at the video in this thread I would say it was 4 motors only on the Y axis as it moved pretty good and did not exhibit true horizontal motion. Maybe he just had better weight distribution than our guys to make it work.

(Looks like he answered this as I was writing)

Also just a fair bit of advice for people with needles, be careful of the opposition scoring on you, this happened on the practice field when I wasn’t looking :wink:



Once again another fantastic robot from 2919M. This was a great robot to cap off a great season for you and your team Marco.
It’s a shame about the Divisions at nationals, which meant we weren’t able to ally together for any matches and were in completely different divisions :(. A rematch of our qualifier at Ladder Scrimmage 11 would’ve been fun (and close).
I didn’t see nearly as many of your matches as I wanted to, because of the Divisions.

Although I’m still not sure about the name Mereep xD, I wasn’t really a Pokémon guy.

Those photos look really great by the way, A FAB person must have taken them… ;). That was one of the funniest parts of nationals for me.

Thanks Harry, it was a big shame we never got to compete against or with each other at nationals! Would’ve been fun :slight_smile:

What a shame you’re not a pokemon person… Really missing out :stuck_out_tongue: Mareep was an electric sheep pokemon which I though was appropriate to my robot being both a kiwi (sheep) and a robot :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought the name was really good. It’s a portmanteau of “Marco” and “sheep” (NZ), it’s a Pokemon, it’s electric, and the Pokemon is based on a book about robots. That’s a lot of layers of puns and references.

Would you mind explaining how the needle shown in this video works?

It almost looks like the joints are bending in place while intaking cubes.

What was the reason for not using it in competition?

Good question :slight_smile: Those videos were more to document small parts of the robot to help with design notebook etc. as I’m a single person doing the design notebook.

It worked but we scrapped it before actually mounting it to the robot due to the weight as it was quite heavy. Hope that answers the question?

Definitely. I was also wondering how exactly it worked? I wasn’t able to catch how it was able to compress while going into the cubes to intake them, and it doesn’t really look like anything I’ve seen before.

Are both the 2 hole c channel and the standoff attached to the large 5 hole c channel or do they slide/move somehow?