2919M K Force - Skyrise Design Notebook

Hey everyone!

I haven’t been on here in a wee while, being a bit busy with school being the final year and all but I’ve finally gotten round to scanning my skyrise season design notebook which was a finalist at NZ nationals and such a fantastic learning process for me.

You can have a look and download it from dropbox here. :slight_smile:

I know the seasons over and all but I hope this notebook might act as a useful tool for other teams with their design process as I know you all are busy designing for this new season of NBN now!

If you have any questions or anything regarding this notebook or just anything robotic related at all, feel free to message me on here or send an email which is visible in my signature below.

You’re welcome!

P.S. To whoever I met at the 2015 worlds this year, it was a pleasure to meet you all! :slight_smile:

Hi Marco,
I’ll say “Hi” from all of us with 3018. It was fun meeting you this year and we wish you success in the coming year.

Hey Doug!

Let everyone know I say hi back! It was great meeting you all and hopefully maybe next worlds we’ll see each other again :slight_smile:


Marco, I’m impressed.

The quality & amount of effort put into this engineering notebook is amazing! Keep up the good work :slight_smile: