2931 Youtube Videos

So considering that Gateway is now over I thought that it was time to reveal the videos we uploaded to youtube as unlisted videos

there are 2 from 2931C, 1 of its intake folding out it roughly half a second, and the second is of its first ‘real’ autonomous of the season. There is also one of 2931B prior to worlds

Videos here:
2931C intake The video quality of this is not great, but was filmed in 3D so if you have the ability to watch it in 3D then you should :stuck_out_tongue: this is a video I made to show some friends my pnuematic powered intake, It was a good way to get the intake to fold down, and it looked awesome aswell

2931C’s first ‘real’ autonomous this really was the first ‘real’ autonomous we have had, it was the first robot that actually used all the sensors that were on it.

2931B prior to worlds This is a video of the robot we took to Worlds, it finished 24th in the spirit Division, this has to be one of the coolest robots we have made, and probably most successful, it didnt do aswell as we had hoped for at worlds due to a few problems with having too much friction in the drive, its cortex also decided that it didnt want to work.

That looked awesome!!! how did you guys do?:slight_smile:

We ended up 24th in our division but we had a few problems like our cortex stopped working and our drive burnt out

Really sweet bot, i like how far the table extends in the front.