2931C chassis video

Here is a video of my teams first chassis for this season, I CADed the chassis before I made it and built it almost exactly the same as the CAD model (I can provide renders of the chassis if anyone wants them)

I like it :slight_smile: It’s very fluid and it’s cob looks very low to the ground. Using the small omnis will definitely make make your robot very powerful and easy to control. The drive train also does a great job at protecting and storing your electronics.

I recommend that you insert the gears on the inside of your robot, or apply a something to cover it. It looks like a robot can do some serious damage if it targets those. Those gears also look vulnerable to sacks

nevertheless, it looks good :slight_smile:

That is a great simple chassis! I have CAD’ed (?) one simalir to the one you built, but I am using the 4" wheels.

I would agree with DracoTheDragon. If you could stick your gearing on the inside of your drive train, that would help out. It appears that the gears could potentially catch on the sacks, and other robots.

Nice chassis so far!

Very nice chassis, I like the H style holonomic. The only issue I could see with this is that it may have issues driving over sacks because of the strafe wheels (unless you don’t plan on driving over them in which case that wouldn’t be a problem). Have you tried driving over any sacks yet?

Thanks, it was designed to have a good cob, I wanted something that wouldnt be prone to tipping like most of my gateway boys were lol, and I never really liked the gears on the outside but need to find a better way of powering that front wheel to change that

I don’t plan on driving over the sacks but I have encountered the problem that if a sack lands between the strafe wheels then it will restrict the movement of the whole robot

Did you try sprockets+chain? If you cant place it in the inside, atleast you can protect yourself from the sacks. If not, beveled gears should work.

Land within the opening?

I couldnt fit sprockets in the chassis without making it wider and the sacks drop down and land between the strafe wheels

I don’t quite understand the issue?

Right now, I’m assuming your chassis is 18" wide. Why not take the space that the gears/axles are currently taking up and allocate that space towards the inside of your chassis?

  • Sunny G.

From what I understand the reason he doesn’t do this is that he wants the area between the two wheel bases to be as large as possible.

the chassis is 17" wide but if I were to make it wider I would have to cut bits of metal and even if I did make it wider there still wouldn’t be enough room for chain and sprocket

What is your motor set up because i was thinking of doing something similar for a base,but i really wanted to use four motors on our lift. Would you recommend doing a h-drive like this with only four motors(two for strafing and two for normal driving, front and back)

That is basically the same thing as a Plus drive, only with the formation of an H drive. I see it working, but i also see conflicting purposes. Im assuming that you want to use 4 motors to make your lift powerful and fast with a bunch of game pieces. However, that weight you can carry is limited by the drive train

To fix this issue, i would simply add more wheels to the drive train, dividing the amount of pressure on each individual wheel, making it easier to move. Another thing you can do is use small wheels. If your team is more experienced or has a lot of time, you may want to try experimenting with X drive. Also, if you find that your team needs to spend money in order to get your holonomic drive, you might as well buy mecanum.


Ever thought of powering just the rear wheels? That way, it’s like a stronger plus drive with expansions to reduce tipping. Turning would be even better in this formation.

I did think about that, but if the robot tips forwards and the rear wheels lift off the ground then I wont be able to self right the robot as easily