2931C Robot Reveal

This is Charlie or 2931C it competed in the New Zealand nationals and was placed 6th and was the captain of the 5th alliance
pictures here

Decided today that I wanted to do one of these but anyway heres the details:

4 motor drive, 393s set on High strength and chained with a 1.5:1 ratio
4 motor lift 269s (atm its running on 3 motors because one broke and I havnt replaced it yet) geared with a ratio of 7:1
2 motor intake 269s

There is also pnuematics on the intake to fold them out at the start of the match

Cool robot mark, it was performing really well at nationals :stuck_out_tongue: just a few questions…

Why did you go with the larger sprockets on the intake rather than the size everyone else does?

Also, is this the robot you are taking to worlds?

The Large sprockets where put there because they worked more efficiently then the smaller ones when we tested them

As this robot did not qualify for worlds it may not go, last I heard we were not taking this one

My team has also found the larger sprockets to work better on the intake.

Is that a lego figure’s legs ziptied onto the basket?

Did you sand down the Lexan? it looks like it is cloudy.

Yes it is, it was a full lego man, but I lost the top half…

Can you post a close up pic of your intakes with pneumatics?
I am interested in how they fold out using pneumatics.

Not really, all I can really say is that it is similar to a window