2931s trailer

early last year our team applied for funding for a team trailer to move all of our equipment around, we got it and use it frequently. when we got it it was bare metal and looked like a normal trailer, so we decided to get it sign written, the outcome was great and the trailer is now easily identified as belonging to Prime Robotics.

Pictures of the trailer can be found here

wow… looks really nice!! :slight_smile:

Any pics on the interior? Shelving, racks, etc?

The interiors the next step, at the moment its plain

I am consumed with jealousy. Very, very nice - congratulations.

quick whats the address were this is at i will steal it

With this title, I was expecting yet another reveal video…

It’s in New Zealand :stuck_out_tongue:

thought the same thing :stuck_out_tongue:

This is used for competitions around NZ, I presume?

Now make a movie trailer for your trailer.

I mad jelly.