293X Mid-Season Reveal (Rebuilding for Worlds)

Hey everyone! Here is a short reveal of the bot that we used for most of the season. It has a couple unique features (PTO, back tilter scores directly on platform, etc), so we decided to make a short video about it. Feel free to leave any questions/suggestions in the replies, and I’ll get back to them as soon as I can. Have a wonderful rest of the season!


I can’t seem to find it I’ve searched everywhere

What do you mean? (20 char)

Nevermind I found it

By the way are u guys a vex u team

Nope, we are a high school team!

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Yeah we have a bellefontaine team that is going to nationals and then worlds and they are only a 8th grade team

Nice, congrats on getting to worlds!

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Thanks here’s some proof

Please considering going and subscribing to our youtube channel its B-Town-Bots

pto bussin, the back arm utility epic hopefully see you at worlds (even me in ms i might still go see hs matches)

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Nice, hopefully we will see you there! We actually have an ms team in our org as well (293T), so maybe you will see them at worlds as well.

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I like the rear goal mech, looks really nice for skills


Yeah, it is pretty useful. For worlds we are rebuilding to a pneumatic version for consistency, but if anyone is using a motorized tilter, I highly recommend this design.


Here is a video detailing the back tilter.


wait are you using 10 motors? I am curious

Nope! We have a transmission/PTO between the intake motors and the drive, so it is still 8 motors. A PTO is a form of motorsharing. Basically, we have two pistons that switch the motors from powering the drive to powering our intake. I can make a video about ours if there is enough interest.