2941 OATS Teaser

The boys have patched together a short video. I think it is pretty good, for a first effort. This should give you an idea as to our capabilities. Under close inspection, you may be able to see the shadow of the manipulator, which will reveal a lot…:slight_smile:

Enjoy, Paul


Seems legit.


Too awesome :smiley:

Could use a little more cowbell, otherwise perfect.


So much awesome I don’t even know were to start.

Where’s your descoring device?

At the moment, it is switched off in its bedroom :slight_smile:

That is a huge pile of sacks! How similar is this bot to your NZ Nationals one? Is it hard to fit inside 18"?

How’s the robot’s hair doing? Huge as always?

Comparing this version to our Nationals robot is like comparing a human being to a basic robot. The only thing they have in common is a simple cortex and a weak lift. :smiley:

Do not FEAR, the hair has been tamed, so there will be a lot more room in the Convention Centre this time.

Cheers, Paul

I remember when I saw your robot for the first time last year and after ten minutes of staring at its hair finally introduced myself. I always wondered how much that affected CoG.

I am going to run this joke into the ground.

I’m not sure I get it.

Read Torqueative’s comments through again :wink:
Head hair.

If only they both had cortex brains :slight_smile:


You guys were in my division at Worlds and you guys def should have won, but it was really cool how you had both 2941A and 2941B in the World Finals hahahahahaha.

2941B was eliminated in qf in the science division.
The finals had 2941 and 2941D.

Regardless, it’s pretty sick to be playing against your own team in the world finals XD

For the kids its easy. You want to win but imagine how hard that is for the mentors and coaches. I was good friends with 5/6 teams in the finals. Who do I cheer for? It was horrible.

Sounds like tons of fun though going against your best friends in the finals. Either way OATS gets a red trophy.