2941A (Part?) Reveal

Hi guys,
So I’m Kate from 2941A (Oats) . We have been prototyping many different kinds of intakes and lifts since the start of the Skyrise season, and had a double reverse 4 bar until around a week ago, where I took it apart (due to it needing a rebuild). Unfortunately (or fortunately) we have a scrimmage next weekend, so I managed to build a very simple robot in around 4 hours, which featured a completely passive intake (for both cubes and skyrises) that I’ll be using to compete in the next Auckland scrimmage (probably with one of our juniors driving it), and then taking apart asap afterwards.
I thought that those 4 hours would go to waste without a well thought-out and expertly designed reveal…


6 motor 1:2 drive
4 motor 7:1 lift
Passive intake and skyrise builder
Capacity of two cubes (not shown in video oops)

(if you want to ask questions go ahead… it’ll be taken apart soon) :slight_smile:

To clarify, this is definitely not the robot that we will be using for anything except the next scrimmage…

A simple, but effective design.

Btw, how do you hold 2 cubes at the same time?

Well, there’s nothing wrong with simplicity, especially this early in the season. What a lot of teams won’t realize is that strategy is very important too, so even if you’re only using this for your next scrimmage, I can imagine you’ll want to get in plenty of practice using it! Honestly, we’re not even starting our build until around Fall, so even if you’re using a simple design, you’re expending less resources on a bot you know will at least work, and then you can evaluate which designs worked the best overall in your area.

Thanks! Would be better with a slightly higher lift though.

It holds two with one cube at the front, and one at the back…

Unfortunately the ‘post’ was slightly unstable in the video.

Yeah… simplicity is definitely the key for this robot (except for the drivetrain).

How many points can this robot reliably score in autonomous?

None, we don’t have a field to practice on :stuck_out_tongue:

Now Kate, hold on a second. Does it really drive as fast in reverse as it does forward? :slight_smile: Not too bad for this early in the season. I’m looking forward to what else the world finalists can come up with.

I know, I know, I’m pretty sure it’s magic… Can’t possibly drive backwards that fast o.o
Looking at Marco(Kristin)'s robot, I’d say there are a lot better robots this early in the season… I’m looking forward to seeing what we come up with too! :stuck_out_tongue:


Excuse me, i am curious about it but neither link is working for me.

This robot has been long dismantled :slight_smile:
It was kind of a joke, Kate made it in a few hours? days? to compete for a scrimmage.

Yeah it was made in a few hours before a scrimmage (the scrimmage didn’t count for anything for me, so I wasn’t too bothered with the robot I took), mainly as a joke (the 1:3.2 drive was a lot of fun to drive)…
If anyone’s really that interested, message me on skype (kate-low-56) and I can find some videos for you? :slight_smile: