2941A reveal ~ dave ~

Hey there vex forum,
After a harsh defeat at the hands of refs last season at worlds (2941 vs 202 SF Tech), we have returned for more punishment by the vex gods.

Feel free to ask any questions you have below.

General info :
Motor distribution :
1 - Arm
2 - Catapult
8 - Drive
1 - Intake

Ratios :
7:5 Turbo intake
5:7 Speed drive
1:5 Speed arm
1:7 Torque catapult

We use 3 limit switches to detect balls and the position of the catapult.
Our robot is 25 holes wide and ~30 holes long.

I’m liking the intake arm! How useful has it been for you so far?


Incredibly! I would highly recommend trying one out to anyone who is on the fence about it. Very easy to build and code too, so that’s always good. Great for skills runs too.

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