2941A - Big Staq vol 2

Worlds Reveal video.

Nice Robot!
do you have high speeds on your dr4b

No, we have 3m torque lift. I think most people will find that the extra acceleration you receive from torque internals make the lift faster anyway. :slight_smile:

Most people underestimate the usefulness of torque over speed.
And for a short burst, sometimes acceleration is more important than raw speed.

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very cool robot! What made you decide to go with 3 motors on the lift as opposed to an even number? Did you find that you had tuning issues or an unevenness to your lift with the extra motor on one side?

We simply had an extra motor Lmao. We have had no issues with having the lift go up uneven as the third motor applies power to both sides of the lift through a full length shaft. We ended up having the decision of 3m lift or 2m swing arm after all of our other motors where assigned:
6m Drive
1m mogo lift
1m claw
1m swingarm
3m RD4B

We favoured the 3m lift as it was quicker then a 2m swing arm. Because we have 3m on our lift we can afford to make it as stable as we want through adding more bracing and therefore weight, without suffering to badly on the speed we get. Hope this answers your questions.

Quick question, how many cones have you stacked in actual match play? and how fast? In the video, you were stacking decently fast but it was all kind of staged. Thanks

Well… you can always take a look at their NZ Nationals performance. But of course, bear in mind that the Nationals was in Feb. Their robot and driving would have improved by now.

And honestly, I really don’t see the point of asking how many cones can they stacked in a match. The matches in NZ Involved a lot of strong defensive plays, which will definitely limit the number of cones stacked.

that’s a really good point. we’re thinking about switching our motors around to have a more robust lift. Does your mobile goal have any long term performance issues with only one motor on it? Seems like it wouldn’t be much of an issue since, in theory anyway, you should only have to use the mobile goal lift at most 8 times in a match.

That was actually some of our slowest stacking as we only had enough time for 1 hour of filming. So it was all done in one take. In matches played against the VexU team XD we generally stacked around 20 cones per match. But as said by meng this will never be a true show as we play a fair amount of defense here in NZ. Without being contested for cones we can stack ~34 cones in 2 mins, but there is no way we will ever achieve that in a match unless the other 2 opponent bots are completely useless and not moving. our biggest stack at NZ nationals was 16 I believe with a few more on the stationary goal after that so probably around 20. Our robot was much worse at that point though and that match was a walkover by our alliance.

Our robot is SO much better. We don’t know how we won nationals with our first robot. It was garbage.

A fast and stable lift is always ideal. The main point when moving a motor off your mogo lift is the speed not the power it requires, we have seen a much slower intake of mogos compared to that of a 2m mogo lift. However the speed of our lift is so much faster that it is negated. And as you stated you should only use it few times a match.

Hey I really liked your bot but i had a question as to the max number of cones you guys can score on the stationary goal? I noticed in the vid you guys achieved 10, is that your max?

No we can actually do 11, just hiding it for worlds :slight_smile:

oh ok haha thanks and good luck!