2993M Robot Reveal

Hey we are team 2993M Moosen from InTech Collegiate High School. This is our first year attending the VEX Robotics World Championship and we are super excited!
We will be competing in the Research Division and look forward to playing against so many great teams. Stop by our pit to play our programmer’s simulation of the game with our robot. The highest score wins a prize!

Robot Specs:
6m 1:1 HS 4" Drive
3m 1:7 HS DR4-6B
2m 1:3 HS Translational 4-Bar
2m 1:7 HS Mobile Goal Lift
1m 1:1 HS Roller Intake

Please ask any questions or leave any comments that you may have for us. Good luck at Worlds!

-2993M MOO0oOOO0oosen

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Nice! The stacking is really clean

Uhh, I count 13 motors in your description…

I think (a) their DR4B has 3 motors and (b) their mogo lift is integrated into their drive.

Oh it is, no wonder it is so jumpy.

Yeah that probably makes it harder for them to load without accidentally moving around.

It doesn’t cause much of a problem for us but yes the mobile goal is integrated into the drive.

Having the base lifter and drive powered together is actually very good, we like to call it the “coaster transmission”