2A - The Reveal (with cool pictures)

Bonjower everyone,

On this very fine day of Sunday (or Monday for all you people living in weird time zones), we have decided to finally unveil our robot.

First, let’s start off with an amazing artist’s rendering of our robot:

And if that didn’t get you excited enough,

here is a promo video of our robot made by fellow 2A member GPrime.
Unfortunately, since we do not have a camera, the unique twist of our claw cannot be shown, so you will have to wait for the Worlds to see it.

And here are some more (actual) photos taken from previous competitions:

And now, some details:


Claw bot:

  • claw powered by two 3-wire motors
  • lexan “ribs” in claw provides a secure grip for individual tubes
  • able to tilt a bit to allow easy low and high goal descore
  • also, a “surprise” mechanism that will be unveiled at the Worlds (or when we get a camera)


  • 4-bar mechanism, powered by four 269 motors, geared to 5:1 for torque
  • long arm to allow for score and descoring of goals inside ladder
  • has many heights programmed for it to adapt to any situation


  • four 4" omniwheel tank drive
  • powered by four 393 motors (direct drive) at 1.6 speed

Sensors: a lot of 'em (too many to list), but let’s just say that it’ll be hard to find an empty port on our Cortex

  • preload tube holders on each side

Competitive history:
In the past two competitions that we have been in (Redmond Winter and BCIT), we have only lost one game (and that one loss was partly because our joystick’s VEXnet key came loose - yeah, we stood there for a whole match wondering why we can’t connect to our robot). For both of those tournaments, we had the highest SP.

BCIT Tournament Scores: Robot Skills - 103 points, Programming Skills - 48 points
Latest Scores: Robot Skills - 105 points, Programming Skills - 61 points

Miscellaneous Info:

Favourite food: Mainly tacos, but enjoys a good enchilada every now and then

Most memorable moment: When it fought Darth Vader in a battle and won (picture)

  • believes in the Heart of the Cards
  • brings good feng shui to the environment by balancing the yin and yang

Thanks for reading - hope to see you all in Orlando on Thursday!

I like it. You should give teams portraits of their robot, like a booth or something. Just a thought. But seriously your robot looks really good.


Thanks, that’s a good idea - I might do something like that at the Worlds.

I recommend getting to know the blur tool in the next few days. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a blur tool in Paint?

Oh, hmm. for some reason I though you were using photoshop or GIMP. but you’re right, there isnt a blur tool in paint, there might be one in paint.net

Yeah, I could use Photoshop or GIMP, but everyone knows that Microsoft Paint is the best - who needs useless things like layers or tools or filters or even the ability to undo more than 3 times?

Now go and do one of 2N.

Or I can do one of 2 madre.

GET IT? 2 sounds like “tu” - I’m so clever…

Tools and features are overrated, real artists use paint.