2D Motion Profiling vs Odometry for Autonomous

I’ve been doing some research on how to make more consistent autons. I’m already using okapilib’s PID chassis model. While looking around in there docs I found both odometry and motion profiling and wanted to know which one I should be using?

Odometry tracks the position of your robot, motion profiling determines the speed of your motors. While using the odometry, it outputs to your PID chassis model, so if your robot steers off course somehow, it will attempt to get back on the path.


Odometry calculates the robots position relative to where it started. Motion profiling simply generates open-loop paths for the robot to drive in based on waypoints that you give it. They’re two completely different things


Is it best to use odometry for accuracy? Why would a team want to use motion profiling?

Motion profiling can often help speed up autonomous routines by combining and turns and translations into one single smooth movement. Odometry is designed to help correct the robot if it goes off route.