2K Robosavages Worlds Reveal

High res glory : www.imgur.com/ZCEvqvR.png

And our video!


That one photo saved me…

Inspire Award :wink:

Awesome robot!

Thank you :slight_smile: Come by our pits at worlds!

i like the bot, hope to see it in action in Anaheim, good luck :smiley:

I love the robot! Hope to meet you at Worlds

What’s the piston above your LCD for?

If you look it’s connected to a pinion above the green gear for the 1:7 arm ratio. The chain that runs on the sides of the robot connect to that pinion.
That leads to me believing that it is a drive to arm transmission, or a PTO for hanging.

Thanks for the inspiration for the hanging lock :smiley:

Pretty sure you’re right, considering the intro graphic:

Another reason why I love our region <3 With the likes of the Robosavages (and of course, 7793R and 9594M), we are continuously inspired to improve. Great robot, once again, 2K. :smiley: Any chance we might see it hang in a video?

It’s my pleasure.

So valiant