2m drive on traybot

I was just wondering what are everyones thoughts on 2m drive traybots, I know it will be weaker than a 4m drive, but is it too weak to work this year?

Personally I think a tray bot should have at least a 4 motor drive so it can be good with defense.

Also, because the weight of cubes will be a lot.


I think you could get away with a two motor drive traybot, but it would have to be light and have the front and back wheels chained together. 4m drives work excellent with traybots (that’s what I have). I don’t know what kind of setup you want though. We have 1 motor for our arm, two for our intakes, 4 for our drive, and 1 for our tray lifter. But, with a two motor drive you could have 2 motors on the arm because of the extra motors you just freed up, which would probably be better than one motor on the arm like we have.

I have a 2m drive on a fairly heavy tray and it works well, although the tray is not complete yet

our A team has a robot that is made of lots of steel and they have had no problems with their drive chain.

We have 2 motor drive with our tray bot. I wouldn’t recommend it because it burns out after 3 or so minutes, but overall our bot performed well (disregarding issues with intaking which were not due to the drive).

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It’ll work but if you have matches really close together u might have issues or not be able to practice as much. I don’t see why you would need a 2m drive though. Where would the other 6 motors go?


I personally think it’s fine as we have a 10lb tray bot with a two motor drive that links the wheels together by use of gears.

i mean it will work, but it won’t be super competitive.

What is the gear ratio that you are using?
I would assume it to be at 100rpm internal gearing?


I would strongly suggest using 4 motors for the drive base. With the weight of the tray, and the huge amount of cubes that the tray will hold, the weight of the robot drastically increase. This is a reason for the 2 motor drive to burn out. The motors will try to do a lot of work to move the heavy robot and then they will stop working until they cool down again. Also a 4 motor drive using 200 rpm motor cartridges helps with speed and helps with creating a competitive base. The 4 motors will help you push other robots and help you defend your area.


The first seed at my last comp used 2m drive. I won’t say their robot is perfect but they were competitive.


200rpm, 1:1
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With a light enough bot it can be done, but you’ll have to watch out for defense. At the competitions I’ve seen so far, defense has been surprisingly effective against tray bots, especially when they’re stacking in the unprotected zone.

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