2nd and 3d graders build?

I’m looking at using my IQ for 2nd and 3rd graders next week. I’ve used them with my older groups and they LOVED them. Are they too advanced for the little kids? Should I just do the Base Bot and Freeze Tag with them? Should I start with something non-motorized? it’s a 4 day camp. Any suggestions appreciated.

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Have you looked at vex go or vex123? These are aimed towards younger students, although we will run IQ as low as third grade for a camp. You could look at the Vex go projects for ideas if you want to use the IQ kit with them.

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You may be better off building square bots for them to drive and then have them add “cool things” to the robots.

Little fingers have a harder time with the components. You might want to see about getting the IQ pliers/pintool to help out with things. Pin Tool - VEX Robotics


Hi @MHeissenbuttel225 ! camps.vex.com is a great resource to use when running a camp with VEX materials! Connecting with educators on PD+ is another great resource to learn what others have done.

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